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The sound won't work when I am on Attack of the B-Team and the only time it does seem to work is when I kill something and the disembodiement for morphing happens. I have checked the volume settings on my computer, speakers, and on in the menu section of the game. The volume works fine with everything else on my computer including with regular minecraft and hexxit. Please help if at all possible! 



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That's very odd - try first quitting all the way out and running the launcher again.  This can happen sometimes if your computer can't contact either minecraft.net or the Technic servers for some reason.  Once you're online again, I'd try resetting the pack (I guess it got interrupted part way through its download somehow and is missing a lot of sound files).

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    • By 678GUY
      So i made a modpack uploaded it, downloaded it using technic and there is no minecraft sound, i checked the modpack folder and there is nothing, is there a fix for it?.
      (Minecraft 1.12.2)
    • By TheHedgehoge
      A few hours ago I created a Big Dig server for me and a few friends to play on. After installing the modpack 3/4 of my friends (including me) could not hear any sounds with in the game. I have attempted to reinstall the modpack multiple times, to no avail. So help with fixing this would be appreciated. 
    • By Bruv
      Hi, I am playing on Windows 10 and have Vanilla MC and the Tech-launcher up to date. Vanilla works fine but every mod pack on this site has no audio whatsoever when I'm playing. Please help. Thanks.
    • By Nickname
      Whenever I run a modpack (any modpack) while Online all the sounds are okay, but when I play in Offline mode there are no sounds at all, not even in the main menu or ambient sounds, complete silence.
      I have little time with internet connection so I commonly play in offline mode, and as you can see, without the sound.
      I would lke to know what could be causing this and how could I fix this, I've already tried re-installing modpacks and changing their versions but happens with all the modpacks I have installed (all of them are "official" modpacks that come with the platfom {Tekkit, Tekkit classic, Jogbox, etc...}) so I think it could be a problem with the platform itself.
      I'm using the maximum (1gb) storage option, just saying.
      I have quite the beefy computer, HP Envy 15, AMD version. (Not Nvidia+intel) With 16GBRAM.
      I've seen people are having similar problems with their audios but have found no solution.
      Would love if someone could take a look inside the platform, there might be something out of place [more likely with the offline mode]
      I'm really starting to miss the sound of blocks being mined.
    • By cainneigh
      Yesterday I was playing fine, with normal sounds. Today, I open my game and there are no sounds at all. My speakers and sounds are up all the way.
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