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So there is no chance to go back to the UMS server? single player isn't fun at all, it gets boring really fast. Why would you even want an auto-anvils when there are better tools. I would mind rollbacks if it wasn't 4 days or so, i played on this server when it went up right after attack of the B-team and now it starts crashing.. So sad, i'm not going to play Voltz so.. cya 

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Have you ever heard of mcedit?

It's a programm which can edit a map without entering it as a player. You can open and edit it the map even if it is broken. You can remove every single block from the world (and yes also auto anvils)


So there is a way to remove that f####ing auto-anvils from ANY map. You should try it out

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Ign(In game name): TacoWarrior45
Age: 15
Where are you from?: Massachusetts (US)
What do you like to build?: Usually something following a steampunk theme, but also DETAIL is what I like to use when building. I put most work into my houses because I want to have something to really enjoy. :D
What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc)?: Building I suppose. But since I've been playing this mod pack for a bit I enjoy exploring ^.^
Why do you want to play on this server? From what I've seen I can't find many good servers for this mod pack and even though whitelists aren't my favorite, I understand the importance of it and I like the rules to this server. All in all this server seems like the ideal one to join for me.
Do you have Teamspeak? Yes, but not a fan of it. I've had problems with it lately, though should I NEED to go on I can figure something out. Maybe if I play long enough I'll start going on it a bit more often.

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Ign(In game name): Defender2002
Age: 12
Where are you from?: Nebraska, USA
What do you like to build?:Medeival buildings and such, Some Space Things like space ships, Basically just bases or things with use
What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc) Engineer/Builder/Hunter
Why do you want to play on this server? It seems fun and popular by all the applications, and i want a nice faction server to wage war on! (or is it towny, not sure by the post and the title)
Do you have Teamspeak? Yes

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Ign(In game name): kookco
Age: 27
Where are you from?: USA
What do you like to build?: secret bases
What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc)?: builder
Why do you want to play on this server? because i need a good server to play on
Do you have Teamspeak? nope

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Ign(In game name): missie99
Age: 16
Where are you from?: Liverpool England
What do you like to build?: Anything really
What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc)?: Builder,Miner
Why do you want to play on this server?:Was just looking for a server to join
Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes, Dont use it that much

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gn(In game name): Bopkasen
Age: 30
Where are you from?: Near Chicago
What do you like to build?:High tech stuff and defensive structure
What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc)?: All of these above
Why do you want to play on this server? Don't even knows what in the modpack. Can you clarify that?
Do you have Teamspeak? Yes

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      When launching The Omega Adventure pack(I raised then GB to 4 so it shouldn't be that) it will load and start running but once on minecraft it loads 2/7 of the things needed for it to actually start it crash's and resets me to the launcher. I deleted a few mods in the mods file in the Omega Adventure Pack because they were very big and I didn't care for them, as well as add two new ones Dragon mounts and minions, please help me out and tell me whats wrong.
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