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[1.0.11a] Geo-Craft AotBT Mature/close-knit/Whitelist/no griefing No banned items/mods

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basic: hey, I started to play aotb just recently, and I can't get enough of it.

IGN: N247S

Age: 18

Timezone: Europe - Paris


About you:

Discribe your minecraft experience: I'm a builder, but when some technic stuff is also not a problem.

Discribe your experience with minecraft servers: I'm also active on two other whitelisted servers, but they seem to be down a lot. (time zone difference may count in that problem)

Have you ever been banned?: nop

What attracted you to this particular server?: I get the idea that it's an proffesional but an small community server where all people put their energy in. something wich is pretty rare in my opinion and experiance so far.


I hope there is still place for someone.

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Basics: I spent some weeks searching for a good whitelisted attack of the b team server because i got frustrated by griefers trollers atc on public servers.All i want is to check out the AOTBT modpack with a small nice mature community!

In game name : Cappuccino171

Age: 16

Timezone: GMT+2


About You: I love exploring discovering and making stuff in modpacks like AOTBT .... sometimes it makes me forget all the troubles! :D

Describe Your Minecraft Experience: Been playing vanilla minecraft for 2 years since 1.2.5 version searched wikis and forums for over 600+ hours to learn more stuff and i would like to expand my knowladge to modpacks like AOTBT :D

Describe Your Experience with Minecraft Servers: Joined hundreds of servers (vanilla mostly) tired of griefers but made myself useful to the new players helping them explaining stuff etc. 

Have you ever been banned? Banned? no. Disconnected for spamming, yes :D

What attracted you to this server? It's a new whitelisted server so i really wanted to make myself a member early.

That is all about me.

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In game name:
Age: 20
Timezone: EST-US East Coast 

About You: I'm a college student (2nd year) and I live in the State of Pennsylvania. I stream on twitch, and am starting to set up a YouTube channel.
Describe your Minecraft experience: I've been playing minecraft since beta 1.3. I like to think of myself as a redstone guy, but redpower melted my brain. So now I do a lot of building for astetics and functionality. Attack of the B Team can do both thanks to carpenters blocks, microblocks and the furniture mods.
Describe your experience with Minecraft servers: I used to be a second in command of the Egyptian faction on the "Land of Aswein" Server, but that closed down after the adventure update. Ever since, I've been hopping around both vanilla and modded servers trying to find a new home for myself. I found one on the Feed the Bees servers, but they don't run an Attack of the B Team server and it's quickly becoming my favorite pack.
Have you ever been banned? This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but please explain what happened: Yes, because of a lunatic mod who banned everyone, even the owner, and then got himself banned when we rolled back the server. We used that mod that logged bans on MCbans so it might show up there.

What attracted you to this particular server?  I am looking for a new B Team server because the last one I played on the rules were not enfored and I was having stuff constantly stolen. So i went looking and your "No banned Items/Mods" bit interested me. Also the whitelist, it deters server hopping griefters/theives.

Anything Else? Optional. Is there anything you'd like to ask us or you'd like to share? Is there anything important for the staff to know?

Yes, in fact. I hope Livestreaming is alright as well. I know you said YouTube is in the original post, but some people are a bit, iffy about streaming.

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Basics: Me and my friend mason played on a whitelisted server before we where at the stage where we had a space station and then the server shut down

In game name: MrWeedz (also please whitelist mason056 as he is my recording partner ;))

Age: Im 15 Masons 21

Timezone: Western Us

About You: Im a 15 year old junior highschool student who likes to play 3-4 hours after coming back from school

Describe your Minecraft experience: I won a private UHC match againts 24 of my friends

Describe your experience with Minecraft servers: Ive never hosted one but ive managed some plugins for my friend,Ive been Admin on 3 servers and currently moderator on a pixelmon server 

Have you ever been banned? This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but please explain what happened: Not necesarly for rule breaking but just conflicts with other staff members

What attracted you to this particular server?  Ive been looking for a friendly comunity to play on but i dont like public servers for the massive amount of banned mods

Anything Else? Optional.Is there anything you'd like to ask us or you'd like to share? Is there anything important for the staff to know? Im a friendly player and also is mason we wont get in trouble,and we would be a nice adition to ure comunity because we like to build and make events for players to come and have fun with us :),

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MrWeedz could you please explain what you mean by conflicts with staff members? We don't want to have issues with our members.

As a staff member i had a conflict with the co owner of a server (he is literly 12 years old) we had a dissagrement on what we should use as the servers new spawn,Even tho the comunity voted for the one i was choosing since he was a co owner he decided to use the map he wanted i complained with the owner and the co-owner got mad because he got demoted and before the owner got a chance to change the consoles password he ip banned me i could of gotten unbanned but honestly i didnt care because i was starting to loose interest in that server

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I get along with people well its just this one issue i had a few months ago,I didnt want to mencion it but i wanted to be honest about my ban record and please understand this is the only time ive gotten banned on a server and its because the Co-Owner was Immature,But i wont have any issues like this in the future you have my word 

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USA eastern


About me: Been playing MC for 1 half years, and the modpacks interest me most of all. I am no genius, and refer to tutorials and wikis at all turn. I have played on other servers and find that whitelisted seem to have nicer people who aren't all about PVP. Been playing on my own AOTBT server, which is not whitelisted, but too few people to play with. I am lookign for a server that has a decent size group for team builds( have never done, but would like to try)

I have never been banned. I love this modpack and am a big fan of Bdubs and Gennyb

optional: have some, but little experience running my own server, and helping with my friend's server. I try to play a few times a week, but always able to jump on and help someone out.



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