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[1.0.11a] Geo-Craft AotBT Mature/close-knit/Whitelist/no griefing No banned items/mods

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Basics: Pretty sure this isn't actually a category to reply to, so I'd just like to say hi.
In game name: spinachstealer
Age: 16
Timezone: PST (-8)

About You:

Again, I don't think this is meant to be responded to, but I will anyway. I am mad scientist. It so cool. [REDACTED] But Yea, I like anime, and league, and a whole bunch of other things, so if there's a conversation going about anything, I like taking a part in it.
Describe your Minecraft experience:

Playing since Beta 1.7. Started out as a noob building wood cubes, but didn't we all :P. Played plenty of modpacks, including FTB, technic(yes, technic, not tekkit) tekkit, tekkit lite, voltz, hexxit, hack/mine, and yogbox. I can do a lot of different build styles, and I would say I am a decent builder as of now, but nowhere close to being great. I enjoy making a massive farm for everything, but I usually give up before its massive. I don't know what I would do with over 10k melons an hour, so I end up keeping it small, up to a couple hundred melons an hour. I will probably end up delving into most of the mods. But I am really looking forwards to witchery and related magicy mods. I've played AOTBT for a couple days in SSP, and have gotten a gist of several mods. I've used several mods already(like Tinkers and MFR), and I learn quick (with the help of the internet) so I should pick up the rest of the mods no problem.
Describe your experience with Minecraft Servers:

I've played on many servers, and quite recently hex-craft(hexxit server). I generally keep to myself and participate in chat. I enjoy playing pranks on other people, but rarely do because most people take it very harshly. Sometimes I may seem a bit mean or evil, don't worry, I just like playing the bad guy. You don't have a good story without a bad guy. Also, be prepared to have all your dirt turned into emeralds(jk).
Have you ever been banned? This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but please explain what happened:

I've been accused of duping, falsely. It was on a factions server and I raided a duper, and I tried to report it, but I guess staff misinterpreted or something. I've been banned once for X-raying, and I will admit to it. I wanted gold, and nobody would sell it to me. I mined legit for hours, and didn't find any. I found plenty diamonds and stuff, but no gold. It irritated me cause I needed it to cure villager zombies and start a village, so I just picked up an X-ray texture pack. Needless to say, I got banned. I deserved it too. That shouldn't be any problem to
What attracted you to this particular server?:

Well, like I stated previously, I've played AOTBT in SSP, finally picking it up after watching B-Dubs play for who knows how long. Anyway, with chisel and all the cool blocks, I just really wanted to try some builds out In SMP and see what other people think(hopefully good things) I also wanted a small server with friendly mature players, kinda like Mindcrack. This seemed like the closest thing I could find in a short amount of time, so here I am, applying. 

Edit: Also, being on the latest update helps. I'm a snapshot kinda guy, I hate waiting to see what cool new things will be added.

Anything Else? Optional.Is there anything you'd like to ask us or you'd like to share? Is there anything important for the staff to know?

Wow. That's a lot of text. Hmm. Not much else to say. I typed my fingers off, pouring my heart, soul, and left kidney into this(not really).

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IGN: Zanzekk (call my Zan if you wish!)

Age: 15, tomorrow I will be 16!

Time zone: EST (Eastern Standard Time, or simply Eastern Time)

About me: I am well rounded, I love quite a few sports, I love computer games, I also love to just chill! I NEVER cuss, I will always try to be optimistic at most times, and I will use great sentence structures with the occasional big words, despite my terrible spelling. 

Describe my Minecraft experience? I am very familiar with Vanilla, not great with many mods though, and I am terrible at Redstone gadgets and complex machines!

Describe my experience with Minecraft servers? I only been on one for a decently long time when it was only vanilla with a few accessed mods, untill now it is fairly geeked out with Pokémon, just a tip, I despise Pokémon greatly.

(edit)Have I ever been banned? Heck no!! I am not like that!

Anything Else? Sure! I would like to know rules about PvP, because if there is no limits on PvP I really do not prefer this server for myself, as a PvP hater.

Edited by Zanzekk
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Zanzekk you can be added to the whitelist if you'd like but AotBT has a lot of machines and stuff you said you didn't do. Lol Also out PvP is allowed but if both/all parties agree, meaning someone can't surprise kill you.

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