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Hello all.



 Recently, I have been a tad bit addicted to this AMAZING mod pack. And even more recently, I have decided to start my own attack of the b team server! I have found a great server host but i have not bought a server quite yet. I am having a little trouble deciding what the hostname of the server should be (which is basically like a custom ip address). This has mainly been a problem because I have not come up with a name for the server yet either. So if you are one of the first people to join there are a couple of things you could possibly be apart of.



a) you could help me decide what the hostname of the server will be


B) you could possibly be one of the head-admins as one of the first people to join


c) you can (and hopefully will) be apart of the community that that is this server



I only have 3 simple rules that are as follows


-no griefing or destroying other players builds


-no abusing glitches or hacking (basically no cheating in general)


-swearing is allowed but no swearing at other players






If you would like to join, please fill out this application:



What is your IGN (in-game name)?

How old are you?

Why are you interested in joining?

Will you be recording videos on the server? If so, what is your youtube name?

How long have you been playing minecraft? Modpacks? Attack of the b team?

Have you ever been banned?

What is your skype name?(optional but preferred)




Yours in professionalism,

me ;P

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