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I'm making a very big building on an attack of the b-team server, it's gonna be like a building full of surprises and puzzles!

Would be cool if theres was some kind of a "key" or something like that, which I can use and hide. And people must have this key to get through doors.


Does a "key" of some sort that I can use, exist in attack of the b-team??


Thanks in advance.

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Witchery Rowan Doors come to mind actually, and theyll be location bound too. You get the door key when you place the door. I believe the keys from better storage won't work on doors, though i havent tried before. Those keys would be the best though for locking chests (so if you wanted bonus loot or something, thatd be the way to go) - Keep in mind though, both can be broken through with relative ease, especially if they know its a part of the puzzle/maze/etc.


Edit: Both Loaders and Munaus' posts werent here when i started typing this :P

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I was just about to suggest Rowan doors. The locks from better storage are just for the better storage stuffs. Not sure if different keys would be an issue thou, I know there is some special stuff that happens with the doors and keys and all that. I have not gotten that far into those just yet. 

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