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ProjectRed-Transportation Items Between Chests


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Hey all! So I'm creating an automated storage system for my base in SSP, and I'm having trouble with it. I can setup the whole system fine with just basic storage in chests, and the redstone furnace automation, etc. However, I'm planning on having Deep Storage Units for my cobble, smooth stone, and dirt (as well as others), but have a buffer chest full of these items so I am able to extract more than 1 stack at a time. 
So far, I have a double chest with an Item Stock Keeper Chip, filled with those 3 items (3 slots of each maxed to 127); an Item Broadcaster Chip, blacklisted with no filter and no preference; an Item Extractor Chip, blacklist with no filter; and an Item Responder Chip, whitelisted with Cobble, Dirt, and Smooth Stone. I also have a Deep Storage Unit for each block with an Item Extractor Chip, blacklisted with no filter; and an Item Reponder Chip, whitelisted with each respective item as the filter. 
The issue I'm having (which is more an annoying OCD kinda thing) is that once I have everything setup, with the buffer chest full equally with all 3, and more in each Deep Storage Unit, some blocks start to move between the buffer chest and the Deep Storage Unit. 8 items leave both at the same time, and switch spots. I personally find this very annoying, and don't want it to happen. 
Does anyone know why this is happening, and/or how I can resolve this? Thank you so much for any responses! 

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Extractor chips are not needed ever unless you want a continuous flow from the storage device. There are only two chips necessary. The Item Broadcaster and the Item Responder chips.


If you want the buffer chest for the DSU to take first, make sure to set its priority above the DSU and the DSU above the other storages, ie: buffer chest gets priorty 2, dsu gets priority 1. These priorities are set on the Item Responder chips.



Edit: Re-read your post, if you want to use the stock keeper chips on the buffer chest, then do so in place of the item responder chip on the buffer chest. Just know that they will go to the nearest storage container if the priority isnt set above the others for the DSU. Meaning the DSU's item responder chips still need a priority > 0 (default value for the chips) in order to be looked at first when items go into the system, then the buffer chest will pull from wherever it needs to from the system (which if everything goes to the DSU due to priority, itll be the DSU). This means the buffer chest will also only have two chips, the Item Broadcaster chip and the Stockkeeper chip.

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