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[1.7.10]RPM-Gaming[PvE][60 Slots][BadWolf Pack]

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Welcome to RPMGaming's BadWolf Pack Server! 
Server Addressminecraft.rpmgaming.com


PACK ADDRESS (Add this to launcher) -- http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/badwolf-pack

(Note if your having trouble with this link, right click and hit copy link address)


Modpack Page -- http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/badwolf-pack.2432

Teamspeak: [Click Here]
aux.rpmgaming.com pw: eastbay


We are running the BadWolf Modpack. A list of mods can be found here. This includes: 
--Big Reactors 
--Hardcore Ender Expantion 
--Farlander's Mod 
--Archimedes Ships 
--Much, Much More 
In your launcher, click "Add New Pack", paste in the Platform URL given after clicking the link above. 
We are a FRIENDLY server community of MineCraft players who enjoy Survival Mode as a group. We aim to gather friends 
on our server in order to explore, build, survive and have fun together while using the new and complex technologies our modpack provides. 

This server is now an OPEN server. 4 things we recommend to stay safe: 
-As soon as it is updated, MFFS will be installed which is WAY more than capable of keeping your thing protected. 
-Use secure storage from thermal expansion or other mods. 
-DONT BUILD NEAR SPAWN. YOU ARE MAKING YOURSELF A TARGET. If you need, a staff member will be more than willing to tp you out a couple thousand blocks from spawn and give you a bed (once) 
-SecretRooms mod is installed, It's great for making secret vaults and hiding your stuff. 

1.NO Griefing: This is when we feel that pvp is getting out of hand or a group of people is ganging up on rather new/ unprepared/ or peaceful players for the sole purpose of being cruel. 
2. PVP is niether encouraged or prohibited. It comes with consequences and will result in a ban if it becomes a violation of rule 1. (At the discretion of Admin involved.) 
(We will only severely punish the Aggressor if the attacked reports it) 
    -If you want a guarantee you won't be banned for "Warcrimes" whisper a staff memebr or ask the person first. You will usually get a yes :)
3. NO cheating. (If temporarily given creative and privilege is abused, you will be teleported to remote location and your house will be decimated) 
    -I'll warn you now, we are a pretty loose staff, but we tend to get on people more for cheating than anything. We all play by the same rules (staff included) so please respect that. We enjoy you guys play with us and if you reach endgame because of a cheat, you'll leave (and everyone does) because you bored => We get lonely => Sadness for all.

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Couple Changes over the last couple days:

Massive Update:


--Secret Rooms

--Applied Energistics


--CodeChicken Core
--Ender Storage
--Projekt Red
--Big Reactors
--Carpenters Blocks
--MagicBees (Readded)
--EE3 (Readded)
--Thaumic Tinkerer (Kami now enabled :D)
--NetherOres (Readded)
--Opis (Readded to server not installed clientside)
--ExtraBees aka Binnies Mods (Readded)
--Biomes O' Plenty
--Thermal Expansion
--Redstone Arsenal
Also added a permissions system, basic teleport permissions for /spawn and /home
Lastly we have added a way for people to donate to the server to keep it running. It has a cap though so that we never take more than we need, we appreciate you guys helping out but only want to keep the server running, not make a profit. 
So some plans for the future,
--Put up Dynmap (< 3 Days) 
--Bring back Calclavia's Mods 
Have fun
--ssgtmccrae of RPM Gaming
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Cake – I have absolutely NO IDEA why you need biome compasses to bake a cake, however this is a REALLY wierd bug, most likely an Item ID conflict so I will try to see what I can do in the next update.

Warded blocks missing? – Actually they aren’t missing they have been replaced the new warded wand focus. This allows you to make in block(s) it is used on invulnerable until that wand is used on them again (by you) or an op removes them. This is along with the warded doors and pressure plates are great privacy mechanics and I encourage strongly to anyone looking for said mechanics.


Also this weekend we will be having a spawn city building party to create a new area for new players to spawn in at. Myself and the other admins will be leading this on friday and /or saturday so stay tuned for the gritty details.


See you ingame

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Hey Guys,
–Super Important–
We have swapped server to allow for a dedicated IP so we can bring back DynMap for server use (Soon®)
THE NEW ADDRESS: minecraft.rpmgaming.com
Have Fun

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Hey guys,

Had an issue with one of the mods and Java 8 (used server side), fixed and the pack is now updated.

Also decided to add a new toys. Details as follow.


–UpdatedApplied Energistics

–Updated Thaumic Tinkerer

–Updated Mekanism(All)

–Added Dragon Mounts

–Added Calclavia’s RE-Core, UE-Core, and MFFS

–Added Thaumcraft Mob Aspects

–Added Iguanas Tinkers Tweaks+

Have Fun,


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Pack has been updated


–Updated Applied Energistics

–Updated Twilight Forest

–Updated UE Core

–Updated MFFS

–Updated Resonant Engine

–Updated NEI

–Updated CCC

–Updated EnderStorage

–Updated Railcraft

–Updated IronChests

–Updated QuarryPlus

–Updated Projekt Red

–Updated Carpenters Blocks

–Updated MagicBees

–Updated Bibliocraft

–Updated EE3

–Updated Forestry

–Updated Buildcraft

–Updated Biomes O Plenty

–Updated Steve’s Carts

–Updated OpenComputers

–Updated WAILA

–Added NEI Plugins

–Added ExtraCells

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–Updated Mekanism
–Updated Applied Energistics
–Updated ModularPowersuits
–Updated TwilightForest
–Updated Calclavia’s Core, Resonant Engine, and MFFS
–Updated NEI, EnderStorage, and CCC  <–Reverted in 4.5.09
–Updated Railcraft
–Updated IronChests
–Updated Projekt Red
–Updated  Big Reactors
–Updated Tinkers Construct
–Updated Galacticraft
–Updated Openblocks
–Updated Carpenters Block
–Updated MagicBees
–Updated Bibliocraft
–Updated EE3
–Updated Waila
–Updated Forestry
–Updated Buildcraft
–Updated Pnuematicraft
–Updated NEIPlugins
–Updated Iguana’s Tinkers Tweaks
–Added Chicken Chunks
–Added Wireless Redstone CBE
–Added Computercraft/ Removed Open Computers
–Added Thaumic Energistics
Hope you guys like the changes

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--Changes for 4.6.1--
--Updated SecretRooms
--Updated Mekanism
--Updated Modular Powersuits
--Updated Thaumcraft 4
--Updated Balkons Weapon Mod
--Updated BSPKRS Core
--Updated TreeCapitator
--Updated Calclavias Mods
--Updated ChickenBones Mods
--Updated Hardcore Ender Expansion
--Updated Railcraft
--Updated Big Reactors
--Updated Tinker Construct
--Updated Galacticraft
--Updated OpenBlocks
--Updated EE3
--Updated Opis
--Updated Damage Indicators
--Updated Forestry
--Updated Buildcraft
--Updated Biomes O' Plenty
--Updated ComputerCraft
--Updated JourneyMap
--Added EnderIO
--Thanks guys for playing
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