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Progress of Dokucraft Support.(Yes again.)


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This texture packs looks so great! I can't wait to finally get rid of Sphax! It's a good pack and all, but it makes my computer run slow (there's a sphax sappin' mah FPS!), and the mobs kinda suck :{ Any estimate on how long it'll take to get help on it? 'Cause I don't think anybody will need much convincing :} Also, speaking of mobs, SHOW US SOME. Please?

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Seriously excited about this.

Sphax is not for me, its too happy/cheery, and resource intensive.

Is this going to have 32/64 options?

It would be really cool if you guys had a "Direwolf20" texture pack. His mod selections are followed by a huge community. (Although Thaumcraft textures aren't needed). Covering the tekkit pack covers almost all of his mods, but a few other small mods he has are;

  • Various BuildCraft/IC2/RedPower "Extras" like Advanced Machines, IC2 Nuclear Control, Logistic pipes, etc.
  • Forestry
  • Inv Tweaks (Interface, not that important)
  • Laser Mod
  • Iron/Metal Chests
  • Portal Gun (Not that important, but he uses it, and so do a lot of people)
  • Compact Solars
  • Sneaky Pipes
  • Steve's Carts
  • Wireless Redstone Chickenbone Edition
  • Somnia (Interfaces)

I'd like to note that I'm not really saying "OMG DO DO ALL OF THESE" - Just giving a list if you guys feel like doing that, because Direwolf has a pretty massive following and I know texture pack creators alawys want more people to enjoy their work!

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FtwBurn download this texture pack. The texture pack is for 1.2.3 but you can use a lot of this textures to finish your tekkit support. http://www.mediafire.com/?2amb4crn8ceohcx

Industrialcraft textures

Buildcraft textures

Redpower2 textures



You see... this is an outdated version. What Im working on with a few members of community is updated. Few new textures/blocks etc.

PS: Thats was the progress we used to be before. Now we are more ahead.

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There is nothing wrong with what i said at least it all worded correctly and no spelling mistakes, and you understood what i wrote.

I was just poking fun at you for saying "look like to be" because your missing a few words, no ill will here!

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