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Progress of Dokucraft Support.(Yes again.)


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How did you find the default textures in the .jar? i've been scouring my .jar and have not been able to find any of the default textures. I am making a texture pack and I want to add support for the Technic Pack.

Please Help! Anyone!

What the hell are you doing posting in FTWBurn's thread? What does your post have to do with it at all?

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I'm sorry if im blind, but is this available for download yet? I looked through the OP but didn't see any links or anything, maybe I'm just too eager.


I will make a downloadble file once its done all the textures or I might release a alpha version(Not sure yet).

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There's already Dokucraft Technic Support? I've been using it for a few months. Or is this about building upon that, because that is missing a few things, nether ores and a few other small things.

Actually theres already a technic pack by Husono which I actually met him on the community. He disappeared with the pack for some reason and started to be outdated. After months of that I started to work on it again. Theres too many stuff in it Im working on which old Technic Pack doesnt have.

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The buildcraft cobblestone pipes look...awkward. The default cobble doesnt work well with the structure of the pipes. Sorry I cant be more clear, im just not sure how else to explain it. Thanks, cant wait to use it! :D


MOD EDIT: Is it really that fucking hard to read the rules?

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I seriously can not wait for this to come out! I like Zohar, but it's high resolution makes me lag and I have been having some trouble with lag recently... I love dokucraft so much! I am a novice texture pack maker myself, but I really kind of suck at it :(. I assume it is one of those skills that you must devote time to get better while making a texture pack. I am actually making my own custom texture pack and I was wondering if I could borrow some of the textures you're making. I give full credit for you if I can use it, and I really would like to as some textures would to nice with the custom map I'm making for the tekkit modpack......

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