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Issues with fission reactor(reactor cell) & thermometer


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I set up a fission reactor and I placed a thermometer right next to it. I then connected the thermometer via rednet cable to a sticky piston/control rod setup. For some reason, the thermometer just seems to be gauging the temperature of the water surrounding the reactor and not the reactor itself. The result: I keep having to take the fissile fuel rod out really fast to avoid explosion. I don't want to do this. I want it all to be pretty much self sufficient. What am I doing wrong here?


P.S. Yes, the colored bands on either side of the rednet cable are the same color.

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Not glitchy, just very outdated and not maintained any more, thus suffering from bugs.

The follow-up mod and heir to Atomic Science is Resonant Induction, which is not in Tekkit at this point.


From what I hear, people only use Fusion Reactors from that mod and consider Fission Reactors broken and unusable. For easy large-scale power generation, you want BigReactors. A tutorial with that and many other things is >here.

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Solar doesn't work properly, either. We only have Galacticraft Solar Modules, which are glitchy and also have conversion bugs when used with Thermal Expansion gear.

I lined out the available power options in my >guide, in point 16 and onward. There is a complete building guide for a small Yellorium Reactor in there that will work fine.

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