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Intense Survival Plus


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Survival mode not intense enough for you?

Want to feel more immersion with more realistic gameplay?

This is the modpack you've been looking for.

Maintain your hydration and fight off heatstroke as you avoid cave-ins and hide in paranoia as zombies and skeletons track your scent and blood trails.

Keep a healthy balanced diet as you train pets or even use Necromancy to create your own hybrid minions to defend you.

Wield the powers of magic through spells, witchcraft and runic rituals.

Explore new types of dungeons to find epic loot while fighting endless hordes of monsters.

Traverse the land in search of new challenges and scenery. Advance through technology to create machines and power plants to fuel your base operations.

Interact and form relationships with villagers in a whole new way.

Travel through new dimensions fighting scary new mobs.

Intense Survival Plus combines all of these things and more to bring you quite possibly one of the most challenging modpacks available. Play this pack if you want survival to be more challenging and scary and adding in new RPG elements along with a tiered tool and weapon system.


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