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NOTE:  This modpack is to be considered unstable, so expect it to crash...a lot. If it does please contact me here or post in this Topic and I will try to resolve the issue. Also I will be attempting to balance the pack out a bit as well.


What is Teron?


Teron is simply a modpack that's about choices, mainly to allow you to choose your own building and play style, do you want to use Magic, or do you want to use tech, or maybe both? The choice is up to you! The modpack is designed to work on 1.7.10.




The Information will be posted on the Technic platform page, any extra information is available upon request.


   What is Project E?

    Project E is simply a rewritten, open-source version of EE2, essentially it's EE2 for Minecraft

    1.7.10(at least it aims to be). It's still in alpha however it seems rather usable.





Final Statment

Please enjoy, and press that +1 button, if you have a suggestion please PM it to me and I will look at it's viablility also I might be Changing IC2 out from experimental to classic(as Immibis is allowing an updated IC2 classic version to be downloaded).


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