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FPS problem !


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Hi, Recently i install Attack of the B-team but i have some FPS problem. Indeed i have lag even in the laucher (where i can choose betwin solo or multi). I have lag in solo and multi (1/2fps)

I'm sure that the problem come from attack of the b-team because if i play with the normal minecraft, i have no problem, i have already change the memory too 3GB. 

I have an Intel® Core i3 CPU and 4096MB of memory.

I really need help :(

Thx and sorry for my english

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why are you posting on Tekkit discussion if you're playing Attack of the B-team? They are seperate packs and have their own sections


there is always lag on large modpacks, that's something nobody can do much about. Post on the Tracker if you're experiencing such heavy lags that it prevents you from playing

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