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Masters of Minecraft Modpack "Beta test/refinement Group" Recruitment


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[this is basically a copy and paste from the minecraft forums where I first asked. since I made it on this platform, figured I'd ask around on this platform's forums aswell.]


Hey there everyone, allow me to introduce a modpack that I've worked on on and off since late may till now (with a month or so in the middle of not much).


Back then 1.6.4 was probably the in thing now, probably not so much, but packs are still trickling along while some get updated others are still here in 1.6.4 so I figured why not. I'm getting to the point where I feel the pack is good enough that I might release it. It started as a private project for friends and such but as it got bigger (and more evil) I decided I'd release it eventually since what was originally meant to be made for a private server never came to fruition as usual so I still wanted to make something of this since it was different to my other packs and probably the majority of other packs out there atleast. (since if xcompwiz figured I had enough novel content to allow mystcraft into it, I figured it was good for something, despite myself already knowing that)

Masters of Minecraft has a story to it, unlike packs which are made for certain themes, mine is made also with this piece of lore in mind.

[begin Story]
(insert your selection of "calm setting gone to bad" story telling music here ;))

Within the endless void of the different minecraft dimensions being made and destroyed one of the void gods created a world.

This world initially named "Haven" would be a dimension where weary crafters from the other deadlier dimensions, be it ultra challenging situations or modpacks could come to to rest and have fun and unwind. As such, the worlds created in the pattern of Haven had almost a ludicrous abundance of resources meant to cater to the needs of the coming adventurers.

Unfortunately between the dimensions there are other outside forces at work. One such force was the unfortunate arrival of a travelling ascended band of mobs known as "The Masters". These mobs, banded together after fleeing worlds slated for divine destruction (deletion or having been forgotten) eventually found their way to the dimension cluster (worlds created from similar resources bound together) of Haven. Finding the inhabitants unaware as they mined lush resources and played without a care they attacked.

Wiping out the lazy minecraftians was an easy task for these hardy mobs and their friends and soon they had control over the dimensions core where they took root and hence colonized the dimension which is now under their control... A heaven now turned hell.

Between this time the player was meant to reincarnate in Haven for their shot as rest and recreation, but they were headed on a one way trip to disaster. Until they were found by another unknown entity, a somewhat almighty white cloaked yet minecraftian figure who made his home between the dimensions in the void who had been watching the problems down in haven unfold. Grabbing the player as he/she floated by he gives them an enchanted book (yes! the hardcore questing mode book) and sends the player on their way to haven where once awake in a newly spawned branch of the dimension cluster he would inform them of what is happening and they would have to work hard to attempt to either fix the problems of haven or take advantage of them...

[end story]

Anyway, so my modpack's theme is a mixed one. It's a fun pack, made for easily getting resources, but this is covered by a story of survival from highly overpowered special mobs (that I made using mob properties) and the need to take back control of the world. It has a fair balance of standard issue technology and magic and then things to improve combat. It also has quests that can be done in an open world setting. Most of all I made the pack to be hard, but not limiting, meaning that the player can quickly overcome, but can also quickly get screwed from something as random as an army of overpowered zombies falling on your head or being self one shotted from damage return by infernal mobs (thanks again, atomicstryker. :V). Because of the inclusion of hardcore questing mode it also has a 3 lives hardcore mode by default and lots of exploration that can be done thanks to ruins, battletowers, chocolate quest/better dungeons, deadly worlds, twilight forest and dimension doors dungeons all put on top of the well known sights of biomes o plenty.

What I hope for is that some people will help me test and further refine this modpack with me for a little while, since it's at the point where I don't think I can add much more without it hitting critical mass and I just want to further refine and add to whats already there with these highly customizable mods. And of course test features and stuff with some people who'd be willing to openly play and discuss the pack with me on skype or something similar in a group or something.

The modlist is as follows:

Advanced Genetics: ObsiLP + others of TeamDNA
Applied energistics (1): AlgorithmX2
Archimedes ships, Balkons Weapons: BalkondeurAlpha
Ars Magica 2: Mithion
Artifice: Shukaro
Autoutil, Statues, Waypoints, Chisel: AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN
Autoblocks: Iconmaster
backpacks: Eyedamos
Bacteria mod: TeNNoX
Better Anvils: vdvman1
better storage: copygirl
Bibliocraft: Nuchaz
Biomes o Plenty: gamax92, enchilado, Tim Rurkowski, Soaryn
Blood Magic: Wayoftime
bspkrs core and worldstate: Mightypork + bspkrs
Buildcraft: Spacetoad
Buildcraft tools: Maexx97
Carpenter Blocks: Mineshopper
Chickenbones mods (core, NEI): Chickenbones
Chocolate Quest (better dungeons): Chocolatin
Custom NPCs: Noppes
Custom Crafting recipes: TheBoo
Dartcraft: Bluedart
Dimension Doors: Stevenrs11, SenseiKiwi
Divine Smoker: -Reaper-
Dubstep guns (Saints pack): Thieves
Enchanting Plus: Original: [Qizzok, xkyouchoux] Current: [mssodin28, GnRSlash]
Enhanced portals: Alz454
Ex Aliquo: ZeroKyuuni
Ex Nihilo: rasmus_Crowley
Extended Workbench: Naruto1310
Extra cells: Leonelf
Flans Mods [WW2, parts, Ye olde and titan packs]: Flans Mods
Forbidden Magic (thaumcraft addon): Spitefulfox
Geostrata, Dragonapi: Reika
Grim3212 core: Grim3212
Gun customization mod: Stuuupiiid
Gunpowder Reeds: Original: Prowne, updated by: Grim3212
Gokistats: Gokiburikin
Hardcore Questing mode: Vswe, lorddusk, newcastlegeek
Harvestcraft: MatrexsVigil
Health packs: Original: Lfalch, updated by: Grim3212
Hunger Overhaul: Iguana_man
Ichun utils, torched, trailmix, Hats: Ichun
Immibis Core, Liquid XP: Immibis
Inventory Tweaks: Kobata
Infernal mobs, Ruins, Battletowers: AtomicStryker
Just another better barrel attempt (JABBA): Professor Mobius
Mad Science Mod: Maxwolf Goodliffe
Magical Crops mod: Mark719
Mapwriter: Mapwriter
Minefactory reloaded, Netherores: Power crystals, atomicstryker, skyboy020
Mine and Blade Battle gear: nerd-boy, gotolink
Modular Power Suits, Numina: MachineMuse
More enchantments: Lithial
Mr Crayfish's furniture mod: Mr crayfish
Mystcraft: Xcompwiz
Not enough Keys: Mr okushama
Natural Absorption, Dungeon Crawl, Custom mob properties, deadly worlds and custom chest loot: FatherToast
Openblocks: Mikee, NeverCast, Boq
Powersuit addons: Andrew2448
Project-RED: Mr_TJP
Qcraft: Qcraft Team
Random things: Lumien
Roguelike Dungeons: Greymerk
Secret Rooms mod: AbrarSyed
Smash bats, mob weapon enhancer: Tsuteto
Soul Shards: Reborn: Moze_Intel
Steves Carts: Vswe
Starminer: ???
Technomancy: Democretes
Thaumcraft: Azanor
Thaumic Exploration: Flaxbeard
Thaumic Tinker+kami (thaumcraft addon): Pixelpix
Thermal Expansion, CoFHcore, Redstone Arsenal: TeamCoFH
Tinkers Construct, Natura and Mechworks: Mdiyo, alexbegt, progwml6
Traveling House mod: The_cLyde
Twilight Forest: Benimatic
Universal Electricity: Calclavia, DarkCow
Witchery: Emoniph
(Xeno's) Reliquary: TheMike (originally x3n0ph0b3)
Zelda Sword skills+ :CoolAlias

Finally, here are some "Extra material". Just youtube videos I've made sometime back to show to friends and a mock trailer I also made (which makes mention of Galacticraft, which is no longer in the modpack. :P)

"Old Trailer"

"Disarmed Ninja Baby Zombie"

"Darkmega vs Team Skellers"

Thank you for your consideration and post here or just outright pm me if you're interested as it is indeed still privated. I hope you'll consider testing and working with me to make this pack into really something. good night/day. :) Edited by darkmega
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i guess im the first 2 reply lol, im surprised u haven't had any more, your mudpack sounds very kool bud, ive tried in the past to make my own but got nowhere, Im very interested in testing your pack, so let me no if you accept my offer, @hoodeeney :D

thank you very much! and I'm surprised too. but I have a feeling it being 1.6.4 and it not being open and asking like this might have an effect on that, but I was hopeful someone would come along so thanks. :D do you have a skype or something like steam I can add you to to send the private link and stuff to you?

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I'm very good with modpacks. Want me to help?


You're very much welcome to help, if you'll help me aswell while playing and testing by giving me some quest ideas etc. :D ... and of course tell me your stories of death, struggle and eventual victory. :3


You have a skype or steam or something I can contact you with? or maybe just PMs?


edit: nvm, found your skype on your profile. added. :)

Edited by darkmega
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