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[1.1.2a] World of Kings [24/7] [PvE] [NEW] [DEDICATED] [NON-WHITELIST]

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World of Kings.

IP: Play.worldofkings.net:25563


Welcome to the World of Kings post, we are trying to become a big TPPI server and we need your help with it.

The server is hosted on a dedicated server we own and is 99% lag free. This server is trying to prioritize the players and not staff members. We are always trying to improve our server and community.

This can only be done if you tell us what we can improve. 


The spawn:7iA1OA4.png


The server has a small spawn, but we have a storyline:

Your spaceship has crashed and you are one of the few survivors.

Your initial goal is to rebuild your society.

The start is rather primitive, compared to what you are used to.

But along the line you put in your knowledge and start rebuilding society.


This storyline will keep expanding, but the players decide what happens to it.


I hope you found this post enjoying and we hope to see you on the server soon!


The World of Kings team.

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You need to keep this post updated if you want more players if you don't it's just going to a empty server. Also try to contact the other players about the server IP change that's another reason no one is on the server.



- Put in a voting system so people can vote and get the server on a higher rank

- Allow players to create shops in the towns that they make or make a /warp Market so people can trade what is the point of having money if there is so little you can do with it.

- Promote the server on different FTB/TPPI websites

- Create a server website to let players know what is going on. I was one of those players that was confused because I wasn't  told about the IP change and I'm pretty sure that a lot of other players were confused and lost about it too. If you do create a website make sure you got a message when players log in to tell them that there is one and that they should check on it for daily or weekly updates.

- Maybe make your players apply it helps a lot.

- make a Ban forum/Ban appeal thread on the website

-General chat forum page

- off-topic page

-Project/community page

-Bug page

-Help page



Please if you read this and I hope you do just take these things that I have presented before you into consideration It will help the server that you are desiring a lot and maybe it will make the server larger then you think.


- Tundra

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Here is a website where you can make your own 



Some places where you can promote your server are

Minecraft forums

TPPI server listing

FTB servers

 Minecraft server list



Planet Minecraft

Mine status

FTB Worlds


There is probably more you could promote the server on but this should be good enough for now.


- Tundra 

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