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Erebus: TPPI [Towny] [Test Pack Please Ignore Modpack] [Great Community] [Whitelist] [1.1.2a]

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"Test Pack Please Ignore (TPPI) is designed and configured with a slightly more balanced feel to it, in order to evoke the spirit of modded minecraft that has been somewhat lost with newer packs. This, along with the fairly extensive modlist, allows for much more long-term worlds. This pack contains a humongous collection of the very best 1.6.4 mods." - Modpack Creator

Whitelist Sign up:

The TPPI server is a whitelisted server to prevent griefing. Ways to sign up for the whitelist:

Server rules:

1. No Griefing

2. No killing other players without consent

3. No asking for items

4. No advertising, hacking, swearing, spamming

Donation Store:

To keep the server going we need donations, all info is at the TPPI store Link.

Dynamic Map:

We also have a Dynamic map for exploring areas around the server Link.


If you are new to the server or need help you can browse through our tutorials Link.

Sphax Texturepack:

The texture pack that I recommend is sphax even though some computers might not be able to handle it Link.

Modpack Download:

Downloading the modpack is pretty simple and can be found here. Once you launch it select 'Test Pack Please Ignore' and hit play.

Whitelist Application

To sign up for the TPPI server you will need to answer a few simple questions.

Staff will check the forum and update it straight away. We will leave a comment to let you know that you have been accepted.

All players will be accept.

IP: erebus-tppi.sytes.net

Leave your reply in the comments:

Minecraft username:

How you found out about this server?

Why you want to be on this sever?

What are you planning on doing on the server?

Your favourite minecraft mod?

Have fun.

| Whitelist Application: Erebus forums, Planet Minecraft, Minecraft Forums,

?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>Technic Forums, Feed The Beast Forums, TPPI Server List |

| Sphax Texturepack | Modpack download | Server Store | Tutorials | Dynamic Map |


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Minecraft username: SilentRampage34
How you found out about this server? This post
Why you want to be on this sever? Minecraft loses its charm on single player quickly and having other people around to work with and compete with is better for inspiring the silly ideas that make modded minecraft fun to me.
What are you planning on doing on the server? I was challenged on a previous Tekkit server to build a castle entirely out of meat before the server disappeared. I shall fulfill that task here if possible.
Your favourite minecraft mod? Thermal expansion plus Applied energistics, MFR, and Steve's Carts make me a happy person. 

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Minecraft username: Zartzalot
How you found out about this server? Well i found it right here here in the TPPI servers forum, it sounds nice.
Why you want to be on this sever? I am just coming back to minecraft as my comp has been dead for the past year and has recently been resurrected. That being said, online play is one of the most fun parts of the craft :) so i have been searching for a good TSPI to begin a new adventure on. 
What are you planning on doing on the server? WELL....   lol i get into it pretty hard, like to play the charater a bit, helps inspire to build cooler things. So i will probably find a nice spot and build some sort of a spectacular looking base of operations whilest developing my charater and discovering all these cool Mods. I like to be social as well.
Your favourite minecraft mod? Can't really say I have a favorite, played quite a bit of the technic pak about a year or so ago when the old comp was still kickin' but since its been down looks like alot of things have changed. There is just so many Mods I have not had the pleasure to experiment or enjoy yet. I can say that i have had alot of fun with Mystcraft (where is that dang star fisser(i think)) lol but they are all really great, i appreciate the hard work the moders put into this stuff. 

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Minecraft username: grishi

How did you find out about this server? this post

Why do you want to be on this server? Single player gets really boring and being on this server will allow to try something new

I want to make everything 100% automatic and least laggy as possable

What is you favorite minecraft mod?

IC2 is my favorite mob

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Minecraft Username:


How you found out about this server?

Found the post while searching for a TPPI Server to join.
Why you want to be on this sever?

I love the crowd that whitelist servers tend to bring around and I love Towny, good combination.
What are you planning on doing on the server?

Learn new mods, I plan on starting with mods I'm familiar with then move onto mods I would like to get into.

Your favourite minecraft mod?

Tinkers Construct atm, but I plan on learning about a lot of new mods.


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Minecraft username: TheWoWClown

How you found out about this server? This post

Why you want to be on this sever? This seems to be a small server which would allow me to have more room and less distraction when playing.

What are you planning on doing on the server? I am just planning on having fun and building some super sweet stuff. I put a lot of emphasis on architecture, so my buildings tend to look aesthetically pleasing.

Your favourite minecraft mod? Thermal Expansion, Applied Energistics, ComputerCraft

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Username: Torich


How you found out about this server? : Through the Technic Forums.


Why you want to be on this server? : Trying to find the right server to build in peace.


What are you planning to do on the server?: Going to try to make a city based off of Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth


Your favorite minecraft mod? Has to be a tie between Modular Powersuits, Applied Energistics, Mekanism and Big Reactors.

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Minecraft username: diamondeye83

How you found out about this server? Technic Forums
Why you want to be on this sever? I want to try out this pack, and want to find a good, friendly server to get started on
What are you planning on doing on the server? Exploring the new features of old mods, and probably ending up making some excessively complex automation
Your favourite minecraft mod? Either thermal expansion or redpower.

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Minecraft username: Garrawsh
How you found out about this server? I was looking for a texture pack and I somehow got a link to this thread. ;)
Why you want to be on this sever? I would like to play on this server because I'm looking for a community which is not very large and I don't have to be afraid that my base is going to be griefed while I work on my projects
What are you planning on doing on the server? I like playing around with mod packs that involve technology ( MFR, Thermal Expansion , etc. ) so I guess I'll do something related to that.
Your favourite minecraft mod? I can't pick only one so I'll just tell my favorites: Mekanism, MFR , Thermal Expansion

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Minecraft username: Puppy_PupsPT
How you found out about this server? Searching in the forum
Why you want to be on this sever? Because I want to belong to a small comunity, for have friends in the server
What are you planning on doing on the server? I hyper mega factory, I love mecanic mods
Your favourite minecraft mod? IndustrialCraft2

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I'd like to play here with a friend

Minecraft usernames: Itajai and asavva
How you found out about this server? through the tppi technic pack server list
Why you want to be on this sever? we'd like to experience tppi on a server together in a peaceful enviroment but cannot host our own
What are you planning on doing on the server? building, crafting, mining, exploring. what else is there?

Your favourite minecraft mod? though i cannot name my personal favourite, his is thaumcraft and mine are the building mods such as carpenter's

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Minecraft username: maverick_dog
How you found out about this server? first whitelisted server that poped up!
Why you want to be on this sever? Im looking for a clean and friendly community to try out this new mod pack.
What are you planning on doing on the server? Probably just mind my own business. I'll build myself a settlement and trade goods. Labor, materials, etc.
Your favourite minecraft mod? Matmos mod  and the rei's minimap mod from the good ol tekkit classic! I also prefer shaders and optifine when im playing vanilla MC.

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      So i made a modpack, and i have tried linking my file on several different websites, dropbox, MediaFire and Google Drive. but the modpack settings keep saying: "The modpack location you specified is not a valid zip file." can someone please help me? i want to make a server of this modpack in future but for the last couple days i have been struggling!
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      I have a folder, inside are config, mods, and bin folders. The mods are in the mods folder, I have a forge installer renamed to modpack.jar inside the bin folder. I zip the config, mods, and bin folder and then upload them to dropbox. I take the download link from dropbox, and change the end number from 0 to 1. I put it in the modpack location of the edit modpack on the technic website. However, when i try to install the modpack from technic launcher, I get vanilla Minecraft when it opens. Please help!
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      I don't see how to do a totally clean install of Technic. It doesn't look like it's really "installed" on my computer, because it doesn't show up in the programs list, so I can't uninstall it. If I download the new launcher, it just opens up the old version of Technic I had (last opened 2 years ago, but I didn't play much then). Is there a way to actually do a fresh install?
      I have some friends wanting to join my server, and from years ago I remember that the launcher would automatically set the RAM allocation quite low, and you actually had to go into the settings and change that manually. This was required for basically any modpack, because the automatic RAM allocation was so low. I know it's silly, but I have found that the majority of people actually can't manage that. If you tell them they need to go adjusting settings, they get discouraged. So for example, people that aren't good with computers, or younger kids, who love Minecraft, things like Technic are really nice, because they basically just have to click play. Is there any way to make the RAM allocation automatically increase when you run my modpack? Or are we actually forced to increase RAM allocation? (It seems odd to me, because no other program ever requires that you do this, if I run Skyrim, it doesn't make me decide how much RAM to allocate, regardless of modding)
      In terms of the files for the actual modpack, are there better ways to do it now? I remember myself and others used to use Dropbox, but they've really fallen behind, and I remember they changed how things worked, so it made it quite difficult to use Dropbox to share the files. How are people sharing files these days?
      I also remember a website that would allow you to create a redirection for your IP address (I forgot what the proper term is). Basically, your 123.235.543 whatever IP address you have, will change into something like "CosmosServer" so that you can let people have access to your IP, without actually giving them your IP. The site takes anyone looking for "CosmosServer", and makes them actually look for my IP. Anyone remember what this is called, or what site to use for this?
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      A journey with next to no end!
       Modpack link:https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/edges-of-infinity.1770571
      Discord link:https://discord.gg/uCscFpNNkk
      Welcome to the Edge of Infinity, impossible you might think, but when you step into our modpack, it will seem all too real. Enjoy adventuring in the overworld finding unique biomes, dungeons, or go down below into the Nether which is more vibrant than ever, even The End is much more involved now.
      But The End isn't the end of the story, enjoy going to whole new dimensions, becoming a master at a certain skill, or even just becoming familiar with your class, which includes custom skills and spells for you to experiment with!
      This is a modpack for those people who feel tired of always hitting the endgame of modpacks and getting bored with them, but also don't have a lot of processing power for those huge kitchen sink modpacks.
      This includes famous mods such as Ice and Fire, Doomlike Dungeons, DivineRpg, and even AoA(Nevermine)!
      This modpack was also designed to help encourage exploration with mods such as Dungeontactics, Journeymap, and even Enchantingplus to disenchant all the items you find to make your current gear even better with unique enchantments!
      The main highlight of this modpack is the class system introduced by MKultra! Which lets you play classes such as being a Druid, a ranger, or even a nether mage! There are even more classes to play as and explore during your time exploring the realms!
      We have a full list of mods on the modpack listing above, and we even have a discord where you can report bugs and suggest features to be featured in future updates!
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      Decided to make a custom modpack, with mods my friends and I wanted to play with. But when i open the modpack it won't loade the mods, it opens vanilla minecraft. 
      Here's the link to the pack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/langemann-lurer-alle.1769069
      And here are the link to the dropbox location: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rc8x6u15brrxnv0/gurn.zip?dl=0
      I edited the dl=0 to dl=1
      I think i have the right .jar file and the right version of the mods
      Again I mean load*
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