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[Mod Request] Modular Force Field System

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Immibis has released Modular Force Field System (MFFS) for Bukkit! A few people have tried using it with Tekkit according to the posters on the thread, but they probably don't have the mad integration skillz of the Tekkit Dev Team. I'd like to request that this be officially added, as it would add a good high-end EU sink for IndustrialCraft. (My space station needs shields! :D)

[Download Post] [Mod Thread]

PS: I tried posting this before and it vanished without a trace. I think the server ate it, but if it runs afoul of some rule, please don't ban me?

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I am granting a PARDON on dear Aurrin here for any sort of potential rule breakin's going on.

We will be looking at this mod now. Thanks Aurrin for not being terrible! :D

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Are there any known glitches/ways to get past the forcefields? Or is this the final answer to protecting my shizz?

Depending on the type of forcefield that you use their are a couple of known weaknesses. however, there are not many and the vast majority can be combated with forethought and careful planning. While I feel that it would be counter-productive to post any of them here, I would encourage you to download the mod in ssp and experiment with it. Try prototyping your base before you build it on a server.

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FALSE, DV8FromTheWorld ported this last week, it's still in testing though :)

Well that's new then. We were talking about it in irc a couple weeks back and there wasn't an inkling of a bukkit port. Still though, unless it works flawlessly, no dice. Last I checked the trains don't work right. Something about going backwards or what have you. Basically sort of a deal breaker.

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