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What is everyones native language?


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@xylord I think your english is better than mine. Which is kind of embarissing.

Well, I suddenly improved in English when I started learning Latin, before that, my English was below average. Root languages really help you understanding the modern ones.

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Like the majority, my native tongue is English. And yeah, I've had 4 or so years of German (Two of which playing a few MMOs purely on German-speaking servers because the English ones were too crowded and filled with annoying people), so I'm relatively fluent.

But don't expect me to start writing and translating it if some idiot posts in all German. Google translate is there for a reason and I'm a grouchy, lazy man who doesn't like doing things for others when they're perfectly capable of it themselves (For those who immediately post in the language someone says they know for no reason).

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English here, I was born in Israel, so I'm quite the exception (most students hate learning english, as I see in class every single day). I also know French quite well (Tres bon, non? ;) ), Russian (GOVORISH PO RUSKI?!?!?), Hebrew (אוכל זה טוב), below-average spanish (no hablo espanol) and some arabic (esh khas?) :P

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English with a slight drawl.

Lol, I love how you put that. Anyways, I was born and raised around Columbus, Ohio, so I speak "TV English" as Columbus is supposedly 'the place' where news anchors, weathermen, show hosts, etc. all go to get rid of their accents.

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