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Show me your melons!

murky white

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So I've been playing around with biofuel generators, trying to get some actual numbers. So far, I've been using melons and pumpkins, since tree farms are murder on your framerate, and they're the only setup that doesn't need a planter and fertilizer.

Anyway, I want to see how some other people have their biofuel reactors set up. So, show me your melons.

Here are mine:


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and they're the only setup that doesn't need a planter and fertilizer.

Cactus also requite no planter or fertilizer actually. only need a harvester and powered furnace to output cactus green.

My current setup is melons, pumpkins, and cactus. but the whole thing in inside a tall, enclosed, 15 x 15 tower, to keep out the spiders that kept trampling my melon farm. they are alligned in 3 seperate levels, each level for a different crop, with cactus on the roof and the processing plant in the main floor. Doesn't look like anything when I take a picture of it...

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Here's my setup.

25x25 farms of each kind of crop. From top left: Spruce Tree, Rubber Tree, Birch Tree, Cactus, Nether Wart, Melons, Oak Tree, Sugar, Carrots, Pumpkins, Jungle Trees, Cocoa Beans, Potatoes, Wheat.


All are powered and connected via underground tunnels. The power conduits originate from the 2nd sub basement of the building on the right:


And here I have my BioReactors and Generators:


2 of the machines on the left convert pumpkin and melon chunks into seeds and the 3rd is a furnace to cook cacti into cactus green. I've set up my BioReactors to use seeds, carrots, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, potatoes, cactus green, nether wart and cocoa beans.

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i considered trying cacti, but do they grow fast enough? it seems like you'd need a pretty huge cactus farm to keep up with a bioreactor.

the screenshot i posted is one of my less-developed worlds, in the more developed ones i usually keep my power stations in dimensional pockets. they're 37x37x37 if you clear out the inner shell with a filler, which is more than enough to make that 100k MJ melon murder machine you've been dreaming of, and if you use a TE block breaker to break the outer shell, they can be even bigger.

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Here's the setup producing all my biofuel:


Behind the wall:


I'm running my biofuel reactor entirely from ink sacs. I'm also building automated farms in case ink sacs get nerfed, although it's not done yet. I need to add cocobeans farms, bigger wheat+carrot farms for my breeders and then pretty it up. Here are my automatic farms:


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Each floor heavily utilizes floodlights.

Roof (tree farm):


Basement (misc farm):


Middle (controller):



Machine Inventories:


Summary: Building runs a localized AE computer network. Maintains stocks of 5120 for all items used or possibly used as biofuel. Exports all other items and any excess back to base. 1 Level emitter is set between the reactors to ensure that if surplus falls below 512, it will stop feeding reactors and ensure farms can still function - this is only based off of 1 inventory item and really isn't needed now that the base has a solid surplus.

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I tend to overbuild...


Its all done within a 64x64 quarry hole with trees on top inside the glass dome, and then level by level downward. Only thing i didn't SS is a small wheat farm thats also connected. Farms are on their own energy tesseract freq. and only have to flip on power to the farms briefly to fill all reactors and have fuel for quite a long time.

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Uhm, sorry to intrude, but I am working on getting melons (read ad biofuel factory) and I am slightly confused at something.

How do you automate the harvesting/planting since the range for those is only 3x3? Is there a way to increase it? or you placed those somewhere where it's not visible?

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I had been using the Autocrafting tables as well but I found a much easier and tidier way of doing it. I'm using an ME Precision Export Bus to export my items to the BioReactor so I have it set to Always Active and Stack Mode (Move single items/craft). Because I have an ME Molecular Assembler Chamber running with the patterns [1 Melon = 1 Melon Seeds] and [1 Pumpkin = 4 Pumpkin Seeds] the system will craft and export these items when there is space in the BioReactor's inventory. This gets rid of the extra step of autocrafting tables entirely.

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I use steves carts. 9 fuel types for max efficiency. I run 3 reactors off this but had to double the wheat area to break even with seeds.

I've also had to cover the whole thing with glass because lightning was destroying my carts.


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Hopefully this isn't too off topic here but... anyone else notice that using an ME system with your farms seem to create a lot of localized lag? It doesn't make the game unplayable but it is noticeable.

I haven't noticed, but then again, how do you have yours set up?

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