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[1.0.8] iKanBTeam | No Whitelist | PvE - No PvP - No Grief | 50 Slots | 24/7 | Fun For Everyone!


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IGN: Killaim

How is the server?: pretty good - members been helpfull with answering some questions. only had a tiny bit of lag during my stay.

Any Suggestions?: hit griefers hard hit em fast. /   well no really good suggestions - if i think of something ill let ya know.

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IGN: BFPelaaja
How is the server: I just love it, lot of helpful players, only bad thing I can think of is the weather (so nothing really)

Any suggestions: Mayby you should drop the 50 players limit a bit, cause it starts to get laggy at 25. Not sure if that's the real cause but mayby.

ps. I try to post this here too:
So im having a problem, I have claimed land, and for some reason just lately i haven't been able to dig all the ground, cut down sugarcane etc. and i know it's my claim because I poked it around with a stick.
What makes it even stranger, I cant brake only certain blocks on the area, and even tried to abandon claim and retrieving it, i tried to give trust to other player and even he couldnt break it, so what might be the matter, and is there anything  to do about it?
Please i need help!

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IGN: strike08


How is the server?: I love this server, it's great. Very nice people, nice map. Many nice places to build house. I have much fun with boykelvin.


Any Suggestions?: Nothing I can remember now, but maybe in the furture. Thanks for reading.

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IGN: Legend_Shift

How is the server?: Really good, no lag, nice helpful community.

Any suggestions?: Berry bushes / Apple trees by spawn for new players to get food. People have been starving to death looking for a place to start up.

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IGN: MoneyJumper

How is the server?: The server is Great! it has no lagg not exess people. i like the small community!

Any Suggestions?: I Suggest that you make the banned items more clear. And remove the grave stones from spawn it makes it feel like a graveyard!

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