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[1.0.8] iKanBTeam | No Whitelist | PvE - No PvP - No Grief | 50 Slots | 24/7 | Fun For Everyone!


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IGN: WaKo_b0i

How is the server?: I really like the server.

Any Suggestions?: It's really laggy right now that's all i think needs to be fixed

Trying our hardest to fix it. Sometimes it's hard to locate the culprit but I'm sure things will be fine very soon. Sorry :/

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Anti Grief || No PvP || No Whitelist || Few Banned Items || GriefPrevention

Server Ip: BTeam.ikan-craft.com || Website: iKan-Craft.com





This is a brand new Attack Of The BTeam server. We like to keep things pretty simple on this server, nothing too complicated. We have very few rules, but if you fail to follow them then expect a consequence! Our staff is very nice, and willing to help out any member. If you would like to give your opinion on anything, we are all ears!

We have some very dedicated members and staff. We would love to see lots of new members to come play and hang out.




• Anti-Grief

• Disabled PVP

• Dedicated 24/7

• No Lag

• GriefPrevention, LWC Protections

• Core Protect, don't worry about them griefers!

• More to come, as server expands!

• Server Website




• Do Not Grief or Raid!

• Do Not PvP!

• Respect Everyone!

• Watch Vulgar Language and Caps!

• Do Not Hack or Hack Clients!

• Do Not Ask For OP or Items!

• Do Not Destroy Land For Fun!




At the moment, there aren't many banned items. If we feel the need to add more, we may do so.


• Minions - Able to bypass claims.




Becoming a member brings you one step closer to being amazing on the server!

It's a very easy rank to obtain! All you must do is fill out the follow application and submit it below.



How is the server?:

Any Suggestions?:


With this rank, you will receive extra privileges such as:



• Ability to use /back on death

• Ability to use /tpa commands










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IGN: SgtPiggy

How is this server: It's nice, I enjoy not being murdered by raiders or not having to worry about griefing.

Any Suggestions: ban the tool forge with legs, apparently it duplicates items.  the Tool forge slab doesn't although.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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