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Some weird bug!?


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Hello all! I'm very new to these forums, minecraft modpacks and.. minecraft in particular (and maybe typong so please ignore the spelling errors, thanks)


I've run into an predicament! Our server was lagging, and i went around to explore, flew in bat mode (yay) and then i see that the terrain sopped loading, so i stopped and wanted to let it load but then it froze! Or so i thought! My pc is pretty beast and it's not the issue, but game responds every 15-20 sec and half of the terrain is unloaded and was playing perfectly fine before that happened, so any tips, guides fixes? 


I already resetted the pack, applied/removed the recourse packs, still the same, so please, help me out!


Have a nice day!




edit: it don't have any issues in SP and when i move few blocks in MP it (where i'm having the issue) gives me some Connection lost error...

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