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Morph mod prevention

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As far as I am aware, there is no plugin or additional mod that would permit this. The morph mod itself doesn't offer much of an interface to other mods/plugins to interact with it, let alone have it force users into a certain morph.

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Okay. I have had an issue with players morphing intoo the dinos and greifing my spawn. At the time I have no resources for a HUB. And i haven't the clue how to ban these 4 morphs in the config. I've seen servers with this done. But i cant seem to find the enitie files needed to do so. I've spent hours trying to find a slid solution. Any ideas?




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the block destruction from the dinosaurs can be disabled from the config file. You would need to edit the config file "633.cfg" and change the following settings to "false"

general {
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Blacklisting mobs is part of the morph.cfg file, however this prevents all players from morphing into the mob.

    # Prevent players from acquiring these mobs as a morph.
    # Leave blank to allow acquisition of all compatible mobs.
    # Formatting is as follows: <class>, <class>, <class>
    # Example: am2.entities.EntityBattleChicken, biomesoplenty.entities.EntityJungleSpider, thaumcraft.common.entities.monster.EntityWisp

As for the particular class-name of them, you would have to either ask the mod author or do some research into it or see if theres a mod/plugin out there that can tell you it.


The morph mod doesn't lend itself well into permitting a "rank" system with it. There is a setting in the config though that makes it possible for only whitelisted users to be able to morph at all, but they would still be subject to the blacklist, etc.

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Hard to find? When you visit the forums there is a well-defined section at the top saying "MANDATORY READING" with a section called "Global Rules" under it - how is this hard to find? Theres literally three topics there, one with the rules, another about posting on the tracker, and rules for server posts.

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Tell ya what Cap. When it comes to "new users" Finding the rules is a bit difficult. Lets not be a dunce, and make them blaint obvious. Then you wouldn't worry about being a smart azz :)

hey I'm just a moderator, I didn't sign up to retrieve signed posts stolen by vermin!


Last month we had an infestation of gnomes stealing users signed names everywhere!

I think we got rid of those gnomes, but alas, our victory seems to be spoiled by these damned mankeys... it's getting to the point of ridiculousness!


That's why we have the Global Rule, don't post your name unless you want it to be stolen.

It's the same thing with leaving garbage bags in National parks

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