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The Sinister Bundle II (VERSION 2.0 IS HERE)


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The Sinister Bundle II

The second edition of the pack that mixes familiarity with obscurity!



Welcome to the rebirth of my biggest modpack project. The Sinister Bundle II is a mix and mash of my favourite mods and mods that I want to tinker in. Taking inspiration from the >original Sinister Bundle, the second edition keeps many of the mods in that made the original enjoyable. The pack also removes a lot of mods in favour of other mods or completely, which is why I decided to leave the original pack up for a little longer. Why did I choose to do this? In short I feel like the old pack strayed away from my initial vision. I took a lot of suggestions and the pack ended up being a messy cluster of lag and bugs. A fresh start is just what it needed.


The Sinister Bundle II presents a lot of interesting goals and challenges but also gives you a lot of unique ways to achieve them. You are able to automate everything or nothing at all and still end up reaching the same goals. The pack brags a bunch of new machines, worlds, and vehicles, as well as a lot of interesting ways to do day to day tasks such as mining.


As many modders are just now getting to updating their mods to 1.7.10, a few major mods I'd like in there currently are not. These will be added later but you can check out my plans down below!


Current Mod List (SBII-build-2.0)


Sinister Bundle II (Minecraft 1.7.10) Mod List:

Applied Energistics 2 - AlgorithmX2 - http://bit.ly/1h40sSO

ArmorStatusHUD - bspkrs - http://bit.ly/WmtGCf

Aroma1997Core - Aroma1997 - http://bit.ly/10mzNIz

AromaBackup - Aroma1997 - http://bit.ly/10mzNIz

Ars Magica 2 - Mithion - http://bit.ly/1m1nnFT

AsieLib - asie - http://bit.ly/1eEYqM7

BattleTowers - AtomicStryker - http://bit.ly/Q2XoA9

BiblioCraft - Nuchaz - http://bit.ly/ZvRIOm

BiblioWoods - Forestry - http://bit.ly/1qxDnQk

BiblioWoods - Natura - http://bit.ly/1qxDnQk

BspkrsCore - bspkrs - http://bit.ly/bspkrscore

Buildcraft - SirSengir, SpaceToad - http://bit.ly/156o88k

Carpenter's Blocks - Mineshopper - http://bit.ly/12g4swg

Chisel - pokefenn, asie, AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN - http://bit.ly/1muXco3

CoFHCore - TeamCoFH - http://bit.ly/1qF9Uop

CodeChickenCore - chicken_bones - http://bit.ly/cb-core

CreeperCollateral - denoflions - http://bit.ly/XNFsgP

Deconstruction Table - Coolthings42 - http://bit.ly/16Q4QC2

DirectionHUD - bspkrs - http://bit.ly/WmtGCf

Doomlike Dungeons - BlackJar72 - http://bit.ly/1gnt8sU

Enchanting Plus - mssodin28 - http://bit.ly/GIvqWc

EnderIO - CrazyPants - http://bit.ly/1dQXp2X

Enhanced Biomes - SMEZ1234 - http://bit.ly/1uFRsQF

Extra Utilities - RWTema - http://bit.ly/10krfl7

ExtraTiC - JeanGlassmaker - http://bit.ly/1w4qKht

FastCraft - Player - http://bit.ly/1q5sbeM

Flan's Mod - jamioflan - http://bit.ly/13aYRXO

Forestry - SirSengir - http://bit.ly/1sjjJsS

Forge - LexManos - http://bit.ly/forge-dl

ForgeMultipart - chicken_bones - http://bit.ly/1b2fybw

Galacticraft - Micdoodle8 - http://bit.ly/1spJMxQ

Galacticraft Planets - Micdoodle8 - http://bit.ly/1spJjvk

Gravitation Suite - SeNtiMeL - http://bit.ly/M9OQhY

GrowthCraft - Gwafu - http://bit.ly/Xxl3HK

GwyCraft - gwydion0917, zepanv - http://bit.ly/1iyh7pd

Hardcore Ender Expansion - chylex - http://bit.ly/10L8JDl

INpureCore - denoflions - http://bit.ly/XNFsgP

ImmibisCore - immibis - http://bit.ly/Uvusgl

IndustrialCraft 2 - Alblaka, player, Thunderdark, RichardG867, GregoriusT - http://bit.ly/1gfTRVe

Invasion Mod - unstoppableN, Lieu - http://bit.ly/1vXGLr4

Inventory Tweaks - Kobata - http://bit.ly/k-invtweaks

Iridium Mod - DevilDead - http://bit.ly/1Chu0ul

IronChests - progwml6 - http://bit.ly/ironchests2

JABBA - ProfMobius - http://bit.ly/1g0MYdV

Lanturn Mod - Reaper - http://bit.ly/OWKVyk

Liquid XP - immibis - http://bit.ly/Uvusgl

Lucky Blocks - PlayerInDistress - http://bit.ly/1qbEo0h

Magical Crops - Mark719 - http://bit.ly/W9maB8

Mantle - mDiyo, progwml6, Arkan, fuj1n, pillbox - http://bit.ly/Z7xU26

Mekanism - aidancbrady - http://bit.ly/1dAHYb1

Micdoodle Core - Micdoodle8 - http://bit.ly/1spJjvk

MineFactory Reloaded - skyboy026, TeamCoFH - http://bit.ly/1hyiLR0

MineMenu - dmillerw - http://bit.ly/1r9l7hc

Moar Signs - Gory_Moon - http://bit.ly/1xCwfGe

Modular Force Field System - Minalien - http://bit.ly/1lAMktf

NEI Addons - bdew - http://bit.ly/Z3oFrc

NEI Plugins - mistaqur, tonius11 - http://bit.ly/1k1nBLf

Natura - mDiyo, progwml6 - http://bit.ly/1nTud1F

Nether Ores skyboy026, TeamCoFH - http://bit.ly/1hyjzp8

Not Enough Items - chicken_bones - http://bit.ly/UvpH6y

Nuclear Control 2 - Zuxelus, xbony2 - http://bit.ly/1qYfse2

OpenBlocks - Mikeemoo - http://bit.ly/1pZqMVU

OpenModsLib - Mikeemoo - http://bit.ly/1pZqQVL

Ore Dictionary Converter - EXTER - http://bit.ly/ZwGpZN

PneumaticCraft - MineMaarten - http://bit.ly/16ltw7I

Project: Red - Mr_TJP - http://bit.ly/1ik1YBV

Random Things - lumien - http://bit.ly/18VZXc2

Rei's Minimap - Sedridor - http://bit.ly/YeQc9c

SecurityCraft - Geforce132 - http://bit.ly/16wpGJ8

Solar Flux - Nauktis - http://bit.ly/1nxwlrm

Statues - asie, AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN - http://bit.ly/1n6pdAO

StatusEffectHUD - bspkrs - http://bit.ly/WmtGCf

Thermal Expansion 4 - TeamCoFH - http://bit.ly/1ztBBUh

Thermal Foundation - TeamCoFH - http://bit.ly/1uFXNvm

TiC Tooltips - squeek502 - http://bit.ly/1w8kjdf

Tinkers' Construct - mDiyo, progwml6, Arkan, fuj1n, pillbox - http://bit.ly/Z7xU26

Tinkers' Mechworks - mDiyo - http://bit.ly/1ne7Cv9

TooMuchTime - dmillerw - http://bit.ly/1nEWsev

Twilight Forest - Benimatic - http://bit.ly/URaBel

Universal Electricity - Calclavia - http://bit.ly/19T5zCZ

Version Checker - Dynious - http://bit.ly/1l0zkdM

WAWLA - Darkhax - http://bit.ly/UY2yjs

Waila - ProfMobius - http://bit.ly/1ejbq9m

Waila Harvestability - squeek502 - http://bit.ly/Z7KNko

Flan's Mod Content Packs:

Modern Weapons Pack - Flan - http://bit.ly/1wG9Eab

Simple Parts Pack - Flan - http://bit.ly/1mCbR5X

Ye Old Pack - Flan - http://bit.ly/Za8JDV

Titan Pack - Flan - http://bit.ly/1B1UaxJ

Planned Features:

Mystcraft (currently not up to date)

The Erebus (bugs out when entering dimension (not a pun))


For the Let's Players and Video Makers


I love the LP community, being part of it myself. If you're eyeing these forums looking for a pack to play, I'd love to see it. Feel free to tweet me any and all links to videos you make on the pack and I'll throw some links to them here.


Catch me on Twitter here!

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Just released a major update (new mods ahoy)! Here are the changes:


New Mods:

Ars Magica 2
Deconstruction Table
Invasion Mod

Mod Updates:
Carpenter's Blocks
CoFH Core
Enchanting Plus
Ender IO
Forestry for Minecraft
Forge Multipart
IndustrialCraft 2
INPure Core
Iron Chest
MineFactory Reloaded
NEI Plugins
Nether Ores
Thermal Expansion
Tinkers' Contruct
Twilight Forestry
Universal Electricity
Version Checker
Random Things

Config Updates:
Enhanced Biomes
Twilight Forest

Removed Mods:

Enhanced Biomes new dirts no longer spawn
Changed some random options in enhanced biomes configs
Day and night cycles now both last twice as long
Twilight Forest biome IDs are now completely different


Should also point out I'm completely aware of what's going wrong with The Erebus and it's incompatibilities. I'll continue to hit my head on the keyboard until I can get it sorted.


You'll probably want to generate new worlds. 1.0 Twilight Forests won't carry over well (not sure about the Enhanced Biomes dirt carrying over).


Known bug: Key combo Ctrl+A at least on the creative menu seems to crash the game for whatever reason. If anyone wants to throw in their two cents, go for it, since this has me stumped.

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Minor tweaks for a few things. Should make doing stuff in the pack a little less restricted by Enhanced Biomes (along with a few other changes):



Config Updates:
Aroma Backup
Ars Magica 2
Enhanced Biomes
Rei's Minimap

Aroma now only stores 10 backups instead of 20
AM2 moonstones will fall for players at level 5 rather than level 10 now
Stone will now be primarily vanilla with small pockets of new stones
MineMenu now has a green colour scheme (what? I like slimes)
Rei's Minimap now defaults to the top right where it should avoid MOST of the UI
Been speaking to the Erebus and Enhanced Biomes devs. Erebus should receive an update for compatibility soon.


New worlds COULD benefit you if stone is really an issue but it's not overly necessary.

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