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[3.1.2] Xeon Gaming Tekkit 3 Server, [PvE/PVP], [60 SLOT], [GREYLISTED], [ONLY ANCHORS REMOVED]

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IGN: ThrowStuff

reason for applying: I like to mine and craft and build robots and stuff. I mean who doesn't?

why should we accept you? I click on ads on your website? also i don't bother people and I'm told i am a great conversationalist. well I mean i imagine i would be told that if i ever talked to anyone... probly..

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ow yeah and me and my friend were making vids for the server to make it more popular so i think i will remove those if im not unbanned by tomorrow

LB is log block, a plugin which keeps a log of every block that is placed or destroyed. Really, you also need permission from Kimbo before you make any videos on the server, so threatening to remove them is actually no threat at all, and more of a compliance.

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We are signing up our selfs in the same account we were reccomended by kid_reject to this server.

IGN: tepig090

Reason for wanting to become a Member: I love this server and me and Kid_reject have been playing on it and i would like full access to plugins

Why should we accept you: I love helping out and i hate griefers I would never grief myself.

IGN: dorkybot

Reason for wanting to become a Member: Full access to plugins and better cooperative play with my friends Kid_reject, Beatboxchamp66, tepig090, and supercoolio1000 all of us are on the server and were recommended by kid.

Why should we accept you: I would definetly alert staff if there was anything going on and ill always give a newbie or anyone a hand (even though im kinda a newbie.)

Thanks for reading our messages!

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IGN: dja148

Reason for wanting to become a member?: looking for a good tekkit server to play on with people.

Will you follow the rules that we have set for this server?: Yes, on all the servers i`ve played on i have had to follow all of these rules and then some.

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