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Death By Grammar


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I was almost to the point of being able to deal with crossing things like "its" and "it's", but I've become increasingly aware of people putting an apostrophe in pretty much any word that ends with the letter 's', like "say's" and "thing's".


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Contractions and possessives are my pet peeves. "Your" and "you're," "they're," "there," and "their," and even "we're," "where," and "were" get messed up so often it almost seems to be deliberate stupidity sometimes...

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What really makes me mad: People saying ALOT instead of A LOT. It makes me want to falcon punch my computer screen.

I make that mistake from time to time, that's why I rely so much on spell check, it does wonders for me, but then again...

There is only so much spell check can do for a person, and those people, including me are fucked in the end. I at least try to spell some of my words correctly, and in my personal opinion I think it take more effort to say something like "omg nub gon 2 punch ur face in lulz" instead of actually typing "I'm going to punch your face in." But each is his own and every person has their own way of speaking, typing and communicating. I tell you though, the typing weirdly doesn't bother me half as bad as those who speak the way they type....lulz....JUST FUCKING LAUGH, SHIT! I don't care if it is a fake laugh don't litterally say lulz! Its just...its just bad taste!

*sigh* (cwutididthar?)

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