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Modpacks Take Ages to Start - Linux


Not sure if anyone else has this problem or knows how to resolve this issue but I seem to have an odd problem with modpacks on Linux Mint 17.3

Im running an Intel Core i7 8GB RAM and an nVidia Geforce 840M graphics card. I have installed proper java 8 instead of OpenJDK that ships with mint and I also had this problem on Java 7 but basically whenever i launch a pack the launcher closes and about 3-5 mins later Minecraft actually starts up. Once it starts it loads fast, it plays full speed no problem but that initial launch is so slow!

Any ideas? My GoogleFu has been weak on this topic and i can't find anything about it!

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@gdgriffiths Can you confirm that the long and unexpected delay you are referring to happens between the time you click "Play" in the Launcher and when the client "minecraft" window opens? If this is true then yes, the delay here would normally be just a few seconds. AetherPirate has an excellent suggestion for watching the console. How much RAM are you allocating in the Launcher? One should never allocate more than 4G of RAM or half your physical RAM (whichever is smaller). One should usually allocate no more than 3G of RAM unless you have an enormous modpack with a large and complex resourcepack.

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Hello folks, I will try the option to have the console stay open and see what is going on. The pack is quite large but when i was running it on Windows (Same Laptop) it would be a case of click play, minecraft opens instantly and starts loading the pack, so im guessing it is something to do with the Linux / Java setup i have now.

I will get back to you shortly with some news on what it is doing.

Sorry I also realise I didn't answer your questions very well. So yes the delay is between pressing Play in the Launcher and the Minecraft window actually opening. Allocated RAM was 3GB out of an 8GB machine with nothing else running.

Having watched the window it seems to hang for quite some time due to "Inpurecore" downloading a library file and then a few lines later loading an INpurecore file so I'm wondering if it's possible that I need to update / downgrade this mod (It's my own pack) and that this is just a coincidence that this has started happening since the move to Linux.


--- Update 3 ---

Not so sure on that anymore, it's just slow!! I can see it loading all the mods like it does on the server side before it opens the window but it starts at 10:22. Now 10:41 and its still loading! Not normally this slow but the machine is currently under a bit more demand at the moment as im building a Windows 7 VM


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Yo, I'm on a Windows 10 Desktop and I'm having the same issue. I've got Java 8 (update 77) and I've got 8gb of ram and a 64 bit operating system but only 1 gig allocated to technic. All i've been playing is the Pixelspark pack and I've had no problems whatsoever. But no for seemingly no reason it has become unbearably slow. I deleted everything and reinstalled it and it didn't get better. It's been over 20 minutes and it's not even 8% into the second part of the download. Before reinstalling it i tried to load the pack and it took about 4 minutes just to get to 6% loaded. I've been able to load web pages and download things perfectly fine and at normal speeds the entire time it's just Technic that's moving slowly.I checked task manager and computers memory usage at mis only 39% and it's still moving slow as hell. I don't know how to fix it because I didn't do anything that should have caused anything to change and now I cant play anything because it's moving so slow it doesnt even look like its moving at all. Looking again it appears to have stopped at 8% so now I guess it's just stuck. What is wrong with this thing.

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      I can turn down all my settings to barely playable and still have low fps, it doesn't seem to make any improvements at all. Even when in the vanilla game through the technic launcher.
      Here are my specs:
      -Amd athlon 4x 845 quad core 3,5ghz processor
      -Ati rx 460 saphire 4gb video card
      -8gb ram
      -240gb ssd (dont know if this is necessary information)
      -Windows 10 64bit
      I hope there is someone out there that can help me. 
      Btw, i have done these things already:
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      2. I have allocated more ram (everything from 1gb to 6gb)
      3. I have updated video card drivers
      4. I have the newest versions of both 32 and 64bit java
      Its worth mentioning that it looks like its the cpu that makes the fps drop. Its at 80-90% when running minecraft (both vanilla and modpacks) and 30-40% when running vanilla on vanilla launcher. The memory seems to be fairly stable at 1-2gb ram with modpack. 
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