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Nah, it'd likely be set as a ForgeLiquid, therefore stored in any kind of tank.

I haven't used many Xy-lights, but tanks? I like breaking my walls of the tank, then getting in and being in biomass.

Don't forget all the other fun tank-able liquids added by Plugins for Forestry. Radioactive waste, heavy water, pumpkin juice, melon juice, veggie juice, mushroom soup, liquid peat, sulfuric acid, sugar syrup.

The liquids tab in NEI is full of a rainbow of different liquids that you could swim in.

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has anyone swam in molten ender peral yet?

I've done Biomass, and I have a water tank and creosote tank. I can melt down diamonds for liquid diamond :))

My biomass tank is quiet high and completely full. I haven't been in it since it went over my head. Will do later.

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How do you ignite them? Also my grandfather said if you touch creosote irl it will burn you.

Often you can't, but you'll end up breaking the tank if you light it. Something very strange happened to my inventory when I opened a tank. I haven't updated xycraft there, but my inventory screwed up. Surprisingly, the mining bag more or less ended up in a relevant place. :P

The bug is probably fixed now, though. :P

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