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you can't (to my knowledge) embed things, you can however put a link in a word

you can do this by highlighting the word then clicking the link button beside insert image and the code function inserting your link in the popup box...

Did. :P Hm. I should get on IRC more. :) So now that we have a *sort of* connection to the xycraft IRC channel, we can discuss ideas and send a memo to Soaryn if we want to drop a hint ;D

PS: How would/should we generate Xycraft power?

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So, now that we appear to have gone several miles off topic, :P has anyone played with he 1.5 version of Xycraft?

PS: Just had a look at endertanks today... They look as though they should be in the enderstorage mod.. or are they?

they are in the enderstorage mod.

EDIT: there isn't a xycraft release for 1.5...wish there was

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Yes it is

make sure that the right forge version is installed (you probebly already did this but i doesn't hurt to say)

i also assume since your using the ultimate pack (FTB launcher), make sure you change the forge version in the launcher not installing it normally i had the exact same probelm...it made me feel stupid (also the launcher i think overirdes the jar...like the technic launcher and the modpack.jar

alternatively you can so DW20's modpack, as that has the new version of xycraft...

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test it....i'm busy watching NCIS :P

and if so do the xycraft valves still work in the same way? can the item IO also work with this as well?

Unfortunately, I'm too busy with servers to test it myself XD

There should also be a way empty things into xycraft tanks without a liquid transposer from thermal expansion.

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