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List of good places to host your modpack file


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Alright the purpose of this thread is to list as many sites as we can that can host a modpack zip.

There are some conditions for adding sites to the list.

They must:

1. Be Free

2. Give a Direct Link to the file that can be used to download directly (no secondary pages)

3. Have enough capacity to host a large zip modpack (around 250mb)

The list so far:

1. Dropbox (right click on download button and use the link to that button)(bandwidth limit)

2. www.ge.tt (technicpack.net times out or says the link is an invalid download location, good host for manual downloads though)

3. Ubuntu One (not working for me, gets stuck on connecting screen when uploading)

4.https://mega.co.nz (doesn't have direct links, good for hosting manual installation of pack)

5.omploader (not working for me, gets interrupted connection)

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Dropbox isn't the best place, although I suppose for smaller/private modpacks it wouldn't be an issue, but they have a bandwidth limit after which they will suspend your account (or at least your ability to have public files, not sure which; their site doesn't specify the exact limit or anything afaict, but people have had issues with this in the past so be careful).

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The basic Dropbox account has a bandwidth value of 20GB/day, so if you exceed that, they will suspend the account. Taking my modpack which is 55.1 MB, the basic Dropbox account would be suspended if I exceed ~370 downloads a day. For larger packs, that might be a problem, but for the majority, it should be fine.

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So i'm trying to update the link to my download on my modpack page to the download link I got for my file from http://www.ge.tt/ But everytime I try to "save modpack" and update the changes I made to my page my browser times out. I've tried it with Firefox, IE, and chrome. But when I leave the download link field blank or with a different url, it saves and updates just fine...

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I have started to use Ubuntu One instead. As far as I can tell, there is NO bandwidth limit on a free account, unless you run it into the terabytes. But the drawback is that it is slow. Well, I suppose I can't have the best of both worlds.

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I'm trying to get Google Drive to work for this, but the manually constructed URL format doesn't register properly on Platform.

The manual download URL format for Drive is https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=YourIndividualID where YourIndividualID is the string of letters and numbers in the middle of the Share link. Platform gives me the error "You must provide a valid link to your custom zip." but if you paste the URL into your address bar, it starts the direct download fine.

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Did you try replacing the www with dl instead?

Google Drive might be a better alternative to Dropbox if this works.

How would it work in google drive? I'm looking into that now.

Edit: It seems to work. I cannot test it right now but technic.net is accepting it as a valid source and clicking on the link starts the download right away.

Here's what I did:

1. Uploaded the pack to Google drive

2. Clicked "Share"

3. Gave access to anyone with the link.

4. Went to the link.

5. Clicked "Download"

6. Right clicked on "Download Anyways" and copied the link address.

7. Used that link in the platform.

Lot of little steps and I cannot confirm it works right now. Would someone mind testing it for me?

Edit2: Does not work. I had someone test it and no dice :(

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Okay, we can safely put that aside. Beyond that, pretty much private servers will do the job. I might be able to set something up, but I'll need to figure out a safe way to handle it.

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Dropbox is pretty good, but you'll have to enable Public Folder.

If you don't want to waste your precious space, you could always make a new account and only login to it through the web, and upload your stuff via the browser.

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