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Galacticraft power doesn't work anymore


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Hey guys!


I really love this new modpack, especially the mods Galacticraft and Tinkers Construct. But, just when I was ready to fly to the moon, the last update came out. But after this update, al my machines wouldn't work anymore, the power wouldn't go into them. The only thing my Advanced Solar Panel will power is the Energy Storage Module, and this one wouldn't power the other machines either. So, is this a bug? Do more people got this problem? Or are there some rules for wiring I don't know about?


Thanks for your help!

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The only workaround I've found is to use the thermalexpansion generators (the dynamos) for the moment.  Look for Leadstone, it's cheap and should make a passable stopgap until this gets fixed (Leadstone energy cells for batboxes/energy storage modules, Leadstone conduits for wires).  The dynamos automatically throttle down so they don't waste a lot of fuel, and the high tier ones run for a long time without topping up.


Sometimes I've had partial success from the solar panels, but even then it's only been to charge the energy storage module and then was a matter of shuttling portable batteries into machines, so I'm not using them for now.

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Rolling back should work, yeah - the Galacticraft website has 2.0.8, we're on 2.0.9 - looks like the major fix was a bug where electrical wires were connecting to oxygen input/output ports which would explain why the wire behavior is different now.  The other thing of note in there is a bugfix when putting thermalexchange items into the battery slots causing crashes, so don't do that. :D


Edit: Or did you mean the latest 2.0.9 from micdoodles github works?

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