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Help i always crash


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i have recently downloaded the tekkit launcher and play on a windows laptop. whenever i try to load tekkit it crashes instantly. i have looked at the forums and have done what they say but it still wont load and just crashes! Any help will be appreciated. i just want to play


forgot to add that any other mod works apart from tekkit


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More details please? Help us help you! The info you provided is very ambiguous. If I where to go on just that I would say reinstall or at least delete your tekkitmain folder. C:usersyour windows accountAppdataroaming.technicmodpacks. and restart the launcher.


What screen does it get to before it crashes, any error messages, lock up or crash to desktop, have you moded the mod, have you ever had it working, or is it just since the update, are you trying to join your own local server? Does your machine meet the right specs? You might need a new rig bro! Are you wearing your specs? What kind of sounds does it make? Have you tried turning the power on?

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