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Access to 'MC Realms' could be usefull

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        The Minecraft new way of controlling an easy server aka 'Minecraft Realms' should be at access to Modpacks. Some Players could want to create an Attack of the B-Team server for their friends but don't know how, if Updated to 1.7.9 and higher later on it could allow access to Minecraft Realms. And if there was access to Minecraft Realms players would could get more people to play with this extraordinary modpack and have fun with friends.

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Unfortunately this is unlikely to be possible for a while for a couple of reasons - I don't think Realms has mod support yet (it's planned, but not available yet AFAIK) and most of the mods in B-Team aren't compatible with 1.7+ yet.


Edit: If you want it though be sure to mention it to Mojang directly, if they don't think people want the mod support (and are willing to pay for it) then they'll leave it a low priority.

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