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12a| ~ Haven ~ | Smallish whitelist, no mods removed ever. Mature hangout founded by likeminded people sick of failing servers and the usual drama.

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IGN: Wan_Luke

First Name: Obi

Skype: Obikunz

Age: 21

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: I enjoying building stuff like Bases and experimenting with the different mods.

Most importantly write a paragraph: So without sounding too cliche or cheesy .. I just want to play on a server where I can just have lots of fun and not have to worry about it going down or anything like that .. Plus I like the whole small community feel when playing multi-player style .. Kind of the Hermitcraft experience and what not .. It seems more fun that way to me .. I just enjoy the community feel of a server .. and that is all there is to it .. If I say cheese a few times, is that creative use of the word or just annoying use of the word .. I bet it could be annoying .. I bet if I say Cheese and wait for a photo opp that would be ok .. I don't know .. Let me think of one .. 

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IGN: gdhs2

First Name: Nick

Skype: Nick_Couvrette

Age: 19

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: I really enjoy Tinkers Construct for the most part so far and probably a bit of witchery I haven't really done much in AOTB so im still somewhat noobish. I do really enjoy the building though. As building is my favorite thing to do in vanilla I love that this modpack has alot to offer building wise.

Most importantly write a paragraph: Well I am 19 and living in Canada. Currently I play on a whitelisted vanilla server called the Blocknauts and have done very little in mod packs other then the early FTB and Tekkit packs that were out at the time along with Hack/Mine. I also really enjoy being able to actually play alongside another players whether its mining or just building. I also have a tendency to do small harmless pranks whether its leaving a giant creeper face on your lawn or just coming to shoot you with an arrow once and ditch. Hope all looks well and will hopefully hear from you soon. 

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Tell us about yourself!


First Name:Christopher

Skype: rabidchameleon

Age: 26

What you enjoy doing in AotBT:I'm new to this mod pack, but I'm very familiar with normal minecraft and the Hexxit Modpack.  Looking forward to building new machines and amazing inventions!!

Most importantly write a paragraph: I'm looking for mature community of like-minded folks who enjoy the game without having to cheat and troll.  Frankly I'm 100% done dealing with cheesy people who are only on the game to get their jollies from annoying other people and then posting it on youtube.  I used to run a server, 1.6 then updated to 1.7 before hopping to Hexxit.  Got burnt out and bored of minecraft though so killed the server and took a 2 month break.  Right now I'd just like to play and have fun without having to be responsible for others.  I will cause no trouble I can promise you that.

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IGN: Karltime
First Name: Karl
Skype: Pleasant.Trees
Age: 23

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Building beautiful, wonderful things. I also enjoy tinkering with all the mods.

Most importantly write a paragraph: They say the key to happiness is cheese, but one of the keys to my happiness is Minecraft. Minecraft is my cheese. A community oriented server will be the fine dishware that I will cherish and handle with care because it is what will be serving me my cheese. The cheese that I will share with those around me, those who are apart of this community. So please will you let me have a bit of cheese? :)

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First Name:matevž (matthew)

Skype: mr.ufoo

Age: 16

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: making farm with all the new plants :))

Most importantly write a paragraph: what do you call cheese thats not yours? Nacho cheese. My computer can run the modpack just fine. would like to play in a server with a friendly comunity :)


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IGN: Tookiemonster1

First Name: Steve'iki

Skype: haouliboy1

Age: 17

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Witchery, Necromancy, building, exploration, and friendly pranks on other members of the server using the mods. (No harm intended within these pranks, and damage cause will be remedied ASAP)

Most importantly write a paragraph: I've been looking for the perfect AOTBT server, and this one feels like it could be. No banned/removed mods, and a small friendly community (that can hopefully take pranks easily, and work to prank me back)

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First Name:Lee

Skype: will PM to you @ your request

Age: 38 (kids got me addicted to minecraft :))

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: mostly the technical stuff tinkers, thermal exp, minefactory  but luv the whole mod pack

Most importantly write a paragraph: saw that you weren't necessarily taking applications but figured nothing ventured right!?! i enjoy more mature communities that don't really do the drama thing and the fact that you are more than willing to explain some of the decisions you have made (especially the fact that those decisions seem to have a good deal of thought and/or logic to them) drew me to the application.  i'm an old school nerd to be sure - sarcastic *once i get to know you anyhow - got 4 kids and a wife none of whom will be playing though and a cheesy sense of humor and am a respectful and loyal

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