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12a| ~ Haven ~ | Smallish whitelist, no mods removed ever. Mature hangout founded by likeminded people sick of failing servers and the usual drama.

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IGN: Krakaen

First Name: Jeff

Skype: jeff.massey.jm

Age: 24

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: I love building and creating automated machines.

Most importantly write a paragraph: Once upon a time, I decided to join a server called CheeseFactory, none the less to say that it was really a cheesy server, there was an 'Abondance' of people that I could only describe as 'Munster'. This story sounds as amazing as 'Aragon' in the Lord of the Ring, but I 'aged' and the only thing I see now on this server is : 'Gammelost'... Still up to this day I am trying to find this 'Waterloo' in my 'Wigmore'... Why wont this work with wine and 'winnimere' world, what we want is worthless without 'Whitestone' and 'Woodside'!

Alright! enough Cheese Talk! :)


I hope you enjoyed my little story :)

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Its that that Im inpatient, but would like to know if anyone has been given the Ip? I just want to know to see if it has to do with me not having Skype or my age. :) Just ruling out the possibilities, please don't see it the wrong way. ;)

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Did I really say That That!? Wow... What I meant was "Its not that" Sorry for the... That xD Hope to see you on the server! Looks cool! :)


Its that that Im inpatient, but would like to know if anyone has been given the Ip? I just want to know to see if it has to do with me not having Skype or my age. :) Just ruling out the possibilities, please don't see it the wrong way. ;)

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IGN: wanghealer

First Name: Thomas

Skype: wanghealer

Age: 17

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Never tried it before, hope to try it here

Most importantly write a paragraph: Formaggio fuso è come il cielo; no, è meglio che il paradiso. Per gustare formaggio fuso con nachos, lasagne, qualsiasi pasta - è quasi un peccato. Amo il formaggio al mio cuore carissima, ma devo stare attento a mangiare perché io possa andare all'inferno


the cheesiest language in the world


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IGN: EnterableVirus

First Name: Jon

Skype: I haz

Age: 22

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Well this be my first time playing it but ive mainly played FTB mod packs and Hexxit. So im hoping to learn and have fun as I go.

Most importantly write a paragraph: Cheese upon a time, there was a guy name Cheese. He was a normal cheese guy like all the cheese of us who cheese to cheese cheese movies and cheese cheese games. His favorite cheese to do most of all was cheese with all his cheese friends. However he cheeses most of all to cheese new cheeses and cheese friends out there.



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IGN: WakaiAkuma

First Name: Mikey

Skype: mikeyminaj69

Age: 16

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: I love building, playing around with the witchery mod and everything else! Ive been playing attack of the b-team by my self for a few months now and i've been dying to find a server to actually play with real people!!!

Most importantly write a paragraph: I play fair, i love meeting and playing with new people, I just got on summer vacation so this would be a fun way to kill some time before school starts again.

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GN: Shadow_Nova45

First Name: Morggan (yes i bloody know Morgan is a girl's name but mines spelled with 2 g's not 1)

Skype: i'll tell u in a msg (don't like to give it out in public because of spammers)

Age: 14 (i act older then i am)

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: building and playing around with magic and science mods

Most importantly write a paragraph: My favorite Cheese is Extra Sharp Cheddar. And that concludes this paragraph.

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There's no way to not look like an @ss in posting something like this, but I'd rather not have people fretting over it.


To give everyone peace of mind, all previous posters that have been accepted have been contacted. If you haven't, it isn't personal nor is it judgemental.


It's not one person's opinion in your way. We have a voting system among us, where we narrow candidates and get the final verdict asking our active players who they think might be happy around us... So far we tend to be just out of the teenage age bracket somewhere and we have a couple middle age players (who are pretty cool) too. Most of us play in the evenings EST, and we have a couple on in the mornings. We're not all in the American timezones, in case that answers your question.


Good luck finding servers everyone! :D


P.S. Still accepting applications.

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yes this does help


thank you for your time and putting up with my stubbornness

im sorry. but, if you ever change your mind im here


probably never see any of you ever again









P.S- thanks for updating your post AFTER I said anything. it would have been useful and I wouldn't have sounded like a complete jack @ss but you know, none of you know me or ever will.

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IGN: ChemicalCoder

First Name: Michael

Skype: ataxgames

Age: 15

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: I enjoy messing with the Thermal Expansion and Mine Factory Reloaded mods, I tend to try and build large impressive bases.

Paragraph: I am a member of MAA (Minecraft Addicts Anonymous) and b team is my new Minecraft addiction. I am a cool slice of cheese, easy going. and easily amused. I have been looking for a server for a month or two now with no luck but this server seems to have some cool people on it.

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IGN: Zerizum

First Name: Adrian

Skype: baxxflaw

Age: 20

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: I'm still kind of new to the modpack, but so far i've really been getting in to the creativeness some of the building mods allows for. (carpenters blocks and micro blocks). Also I look forward to delving deeper in to tinkers and flans.

Most importantly write a paragraph: I'm really just looking for a small private server to play with some like minded, mature people. I enjoy building and being able to watch (and possibly help) every one else's progress. About me? I live out in Atlanta and have been in to the whole music scene for a while. I'm a sucker for 90s dance music. (mainly old school happy hardcore [yay cheesy] ) but am mainly a music geek in general. I really just am looking for some maturity in a server and want to enjoy myself is all.

(also, i may be 20, but damn do i love myself some ponies)

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IGN: Dinklebury

First Name: Hayden

Skype: salivating-windmill

Age: 22

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Creating, advanced genetics, morphing, various redstone constructions (thermal expansion, mechanisms etc.), galacticraft.   

Most importantly write a paragraph: I really enjoy playing AotBT thus far, yet I still have a few things to learn which is half the fun. I would like to play this marvellous game with other fantastic people, as cheesy as that sounds it's true. I am currently residing in Australia which means my time zone may differ from other players. I would love to be apart of this humble server, however I understand beggars can't be choosers. 

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ING: acdcrocks1998

Frist Name: Taylor

skype: I haz

Age:14 ( I know who doesn"t want to joke around any more)

What youu enjoy doing in AtotBT: Archimedes Ships, Tinkers construct, Morphing, and building castles with carpender blocks.

Most importantly write a paraghraph: I live in north Mississippi. I am a creative builder. I love to build but I hate fighting other players so if it has PVP on then count me out but if I am on the server and someone kills me so what i can just geat my stuff back but if happens alot i will get annoyed. I will do mini pranks that my or may not help but I swear on my life i wont anything but if i do i willl repear it. My main prank is puting Zombies or something like that in the floor of somesone house and or shop I usealy just put 2-3 anyone can handle that. This server apelled to me because if I had a server this is how I would have it. One last thing I know how you fell I got tired of playing singleplayer so i joined a medeam sized server and I found a small island and started to build my castle and clamed it but a admen's friend wanted to island so the admen unclaimed the island and destroyed my castle and the admen's friend wanted to test his TNT connon on the island witch failed and destroyed the entire island.

P.S. Pm me if I am accepted and I will tell you my Skype name

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IGN: Kupo23

First Name: Andrew

Skype: Woop145

Age: 17

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Everything. The modpack is great for doing whatever you want to.

Most importantly write a paragraph: My name's Andrew, but everyone calls me Woop. Even though my minecraft name is Kupo23, please call me Woop. It's a friend's account, my minecraft account got lost when I switched internet providers (deleting my old email). :/ I'm a generally nice guy, as long as you don't mess with me. My one flaw I'd say is that I have a short fuse. (Like a creeper) I've been looking for a nice, vanilla server to play on with a friend of mine, and this one looks perfect.

FUN FACT: I love Cheese, jus' sayin'.

FUN FACT 2: I'm not too involved in what the modpack has to offer, so I'm somewhat new to it, making it ridiculously funny to play on the server with me. :P


Hope you guys accept me! :D If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on skype.


Also, I should mention that I live in the Eastern US. But that doesn't mean I won't be on at like 3am. :3 I am going to be attending college come August, but I don't think that will stop me from playing on the server (if I get accepted)

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IGN: Shadow7Wolf_xT

First Name:Adam

Skype:Will give if accepted(sorry just trying to avoid getting random invites)

Age: 18

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: The mod pack in general, especially the building aspects and all the options.

Most importantly write a paragraph: It was a beautiful day on Provolone Island but then everything changed when the Feta Nation attacked. It was truly depressing when they realized that The Feta Nation stole all of their cheese the cheddar, gouda, and especially the rare mozzarella. It would have taken months to get it all and even more back. The villagers would starve so they decided to send their top soldiers after them to steal it back. They were gone for weeks without any luck or sight of their enemies. The villagers started losing all hope in ever getting their precious cheese back. Then what seemed like a miracle they finally found the ship, it was wrecked on Asiago Grove on Swiss Island. So during the middle of the night the Provolone pirates snuck aboard and stole all their cheese back and returned to their homeland victorious heroes.

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IGN: Chrill21

First Name:Chris

Skype: chris.wilson1169 (I'm always willing to chat, but will often decline voice chat during the day due to loud amounts of background noise.)

Age: 19

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: I quite enjoy automating things using Thermal expansion and Minefactory reloaded. I'm not the greatest builder, but I enjoy at least trying to create nice builds.

Most importantly write a paragraph: I don't quite understand the point of writing a paragraph, but I'll do it. I'm honestly just glad that you didn't think to ask "Why do you think you deserve to join the server." In my eyes, this is the dumbest, most generic question that an individual could be asked. How am I supposed to know whether or not I deserve to be a part of the community, and much less why I deserve to. It's just a cheesy attempt at getting the users to think that the caliber of the individual's character matters when their application is being considered. At least with your somewhat odd request, you attempted to make it fun. I thought of some way to work "cheese" into my paragraph, but I'm far too tired to think of anything overly witty. Apparently the "E" in Chuck E. Cheese's stands for entertainment, though.


Thanks for at least taking the time to look at the application. I hope you all don't run into any issues with your server, and manage to have some fun. Good day.

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I got rejected, maybe because of the Skype:( I hate it how Skype is required for loads of servers, it brings my possibilities down too much! Good luck for the server and the future anyway!

Hun, ...it ain't personal, don't be all sadface. xD


Read the main post. Or read my post on the last page. We do have a system. It's not arbitrary, like if we said "we don't like his username" or even "ew 14yr old." (We have two on the server and they're nice players.)


On the note of Skype, a lot of servers don't have webpages. Please take a moment to consider the logistics of this.


1: Webpages are for notifications of updates and postings of scheduled maintenance and events and such, and of course to contact staff quickly and easily. (We have jobs and lives outside of Minecraft too.) Modpacks like B-Team are glitch and crash prone.


2: Webpages cost money. We have to pay the bills through generous donations. Not gonna ask more than we should of our players for something that can be done simply.


3. Skype is super simple. You don't even have to use video or audio chat. You can organize a group of all your players so that everyone can see, ask, or report things about the server through the group chat. Or contact staff very quickly if they're responsible and leave someone contactable at all times. D:  Best of all, Skype is free. Free is good. They even have a free app, so we have someone contactable at all times ahem.


So yeah, nothing personal. Thanks! I hope this clears things up! Best of luck on your server search. There's plenty more mature whitelist out there to try!

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Sorry to bother, but I just wanted to know when yesterday's applications were to be viewed. I'd rather know if I didn't get into the server and (hopefully) find another perfect server than wait for it. I know I said like a pain, but please? c:

I promise if I get in to the server I won't be as needy. :P

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IGN: Vintermark

First Name: Stefan

Skype: Boological

Age: 31

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Exploring the many mods, build my man-cave (microblocks rock!), making (dys-)functional machines, searching the lands for whatever and Bat-morph!

Most importantly write a paragraph: An entire paragraph of cheese?

Passendale cheese, Belgium

Anthotyros, Greece

Rauchkäse, Germany

Areesh, Egypt

Guayanés cheese, Venezuela

Rigotte de Condrieu, France

Ayibe, Ethiopia

Prästost, Sweden

Hoop cheese, USA


P - A - R - A - G - R - A - P - H  o' cheese!


Aside from cheese, I really like playing MC with easy going people and in a nice familiar server where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Edited by Vintermark
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IGN: SantaWasTaken

First Name: Tanner

Skype: Reptar.Is.Awesome

Age: 21

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Building stuff, exploring and just chilling out with people

Most importantly write a paragraph: I really want a server to play on and play with other people. I think your community is going to be awesome and I hope it will keep going for a long time cause I'm looking for a server that will last.

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IGN:  1980monzaspyder
First Name: Gary (but I go by Sed)
Skype: I have skype and will supply if accepted
Age: 44
What you enjoy doing in AotBT:  There are just so many aspects....Tinker's construct, projectred are two that I like the most
Most importantly write a paragraph: Bonus points for creative use of the word cheese.  Cheese?  Cheese?  I am cheese.  I live in Wisconsin, home of the Cheesehead nation!  LOL  Ok a little more about me.  Relatively new to Minecraft but I have pretty much exhausted Vanilla and Single player.  I would love to find a server that has a great sense of community because I enjoy helping others.  Where I don't spend a week building something and then logon to find someone destroyed what I created cause they felt like it.  Not the best at open ended "write a paragraph", but open to answering any questions asked.
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First Name:Isaiah

Skype: Green_Stomper

Age: 14

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Building and Exploring my Favorite Mod Does (Chisel)

Most importantly write a paragraph: I Would like yo be on a server where i dont have to worry about leaving my things unprotected when i leave. My biggest issue is not with the server my computer is really old and i really just want to play.

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