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12a| ~ Haven ~ | Smallish whitelist, no mods removed ever. Mature hangout founded by likeminded people sick of failing servers and the usual drama.

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Hey. You.



Why hello there... lol


Want the silly, wild, and wonderful B-Team? Sick of bratty drama? Just want to have fun with others like multiplayer's meant for?


Hi. :D You can keep reading if that's a yes. If you're "wtf" then don't waste your time. Hope you find another place.



Let's get straight to the necessaries:

  • Straight up B-Team, current recommended version. We let everyone know when we update.
  • 24/7 uptime and rapid response to the usual large modpack hiccups should they occur. Three staff easily contactable via Skype.
  • Don't let this scare you but we run on donations--surplus goes toward a RAM upgrade. 'Cause B-Team's a hog. A bit of pocket change from a few players will pay the bills. We want the community to own the server as much as we do so this is our way of including everyone. We're not going to force you to donate. That's your decision. If you like this community enough to help keep the server going, we're grateful. For a lot of us, this is our place to relax after work or classes.
  • No mods banned. Ever. Just getting that out there.​

Disclaimer: Minions is straight up bugged. (Cheaty anyway. :P) Crayfish furniture is occasionally buggy in the crashing kind of persuasion, or very rarely imprisons+boots all who enter the area in the Vortex of corrupt chunk(s). Also, putting nonvanilla items in the Oven is bad juju. Each of these has caused major 1-fps lag or crashes for us before. Use at your own risk.



What we want:

Community has a say in everything. Server exists because we just want to play the dang game and chill with people. The founders are a group of random folks that survived bad management and the usual crap, a couple deaths of servers later we came together to say hey, we don't have to put up with this. Pooling our skills together we've become a round table of sorts. Still, we play legit Survival alongside everybody else, even the owner ahem, 'cause that's what we wanted.


So that's what we did. We decided on something we're calling the power of the community. That is, our community has the power as a group to tell us they don't like this one guy who has boundary issues or spams or whatever, and we'll act on it if we haven't already. (Can't stand immatures.) Even if they're a friend of a staff member. We're serious about all this. This is our little haven. We hope to shelter other people that want the same things too. Connor, Max, and I want to hang with folks and play the game. If this isn't exactly what you want, there are many other servers out there.



Hopes for the future:

At the time of posting, we're a small group right now, friends and friends of friends and people we met on failing servers, but we want a lot more players. We know there's more people out there like us. We intend to keep this a small "ish" server though. Just enough players to be on regularly. We've agreed that further along the line we want to let the active community have a say in if we want more or not. One of the things we don't miss from servers of yore is the chat box spam from 50 other people that you have no way of getting to know. We're avoiding that. Also, some of our players are already giving us ideas about little server events, and that sounds fantastic. We'd like to extend this offer to builders and casual roleplayers (-brofist-) or complex machinery wizards that you'll have the option to get in on that and have your work be appreciated.



How not to get booted:

In terms of rules, it's the usual don't be an @sshole. We're not gonna babysit you. Use your social skills, don't grief (Classy, reversible pranks are cool. Know your prankee's boundaries. -eyeroll- Don't cause drama and ruin everybody else's mood. Blahblah.), don't harass players that happen to be female or some other discriminations. (We're not here for any of that.), and frugal use of chunk loaders and blah blah blah. Reasonable stuff. :/ Behave like you have sense.

We're pretty easygoing peeps, this is our place to relax and be real. We're just tired of all the crap and understand that other people are too. We'd like to play with more people. :D


Now that you know about us, you game?



Status: Not at the moment accepting applications. Much.



Tell us about yourself!


First Name:

Skype: Kinda necessary. We use the groupchat box to keep everyone updated, and able to communicate with everyone and staff easily.

Age: Just so we know.

What you enjoy doing in AotBT:

Most importantly write a paragraph: Bonus points for creative use of the word cheese.


First of all. Please, please be sure your computer can run B-Team. We are not your tech support. Test your gameplay for a little while on a public server. If you've already adjusted your RAM allocation in the Technic Launcher and the game's still not so playable, you might want to consider another pack.


If you're accepted, you'll receive a Skype message soon that will contain the IP. If you'd prefer not to give out your Skype to the internet snipers waiting to spam you then leave an "I haz" in the app and you can give it later when we've PM'd you.






You should be contacted by myself or CMMercer within two days if you're accepted.


Yes, CMMercer is one of the other owners. It's not simply me doing the "no"s and "yes"es. (I'm just checking the forums often. -chuckle-) He is in on the decisionmaking as well as others. Don't waste your time pleading one of our staff or players for whitelist if you haven't been contacted with a "yes" from me. Have more dignity than that.


Yep, we're still accepting applications!

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Top Posters In This Topic

IGN: dravusHd

First Name: jakob

Skype: jakob.lindvall1

Age: 14

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: building stuff ,exploring and just chilll

Most importantly write a paragraph: i really want an server to play ona and play with other people. i think your community is going to be awesome and i hope it will keep going

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IGN: wyatt_02

First Name: Wyatt

Skype: wyatt_bair

Age: 18

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Building and Exploring

Most importantly write a paragraph: My favorite Cheese is asgio and pepper jack. Truthfully I just want to play on a mature server. Without BS

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First Name:mason

Skype: ifishi890

Age: 15 (mature)

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: iln Aotbt i like to explore the world and have fun with all the mods such as tinkers construct and thermal expansion.

Most importantly write a paragraph: I want to join this server because it sound like heaps of fun and also i love making new friends and playing together and just having fun.

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First Name: Aaron

Skype: aaron.wilcox632

Age:12 (aiming for the young one on the server)

What You Enjoy Doing In AotBT: I love learning new things and doing stuff that vanilla doesn't allow

Most Important Write A Paragraph: I love minecraft because it lets me express my imagination. I am smart and play piano and cello for 4 years. my favorite cheese is pepper jack. I love hot/spicy things. I have 3 sisters, 1 step sister, and 2 step brothers. im going on to seventh grade. Yup my life is exciting (sarcasm, that's original).

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IGN: BubbaZen

First Name: Ray

Skype: Bubba.Zen

Age: 49

What you enjoy doing in AotBT:  I like building and design.  Automation and contributing cool builds.

Most importantly write a paragraph:  Cheese? I like cheese, but not enough to write a paragraph about the topic.  But, if forced to I would consider cheddar to be my favorite. I enjoy eating it alone in cubes or sliced thin on a nice cracker. Not those horrible Ritz or saltine crackers.  It's not like I hate these crackers, they have their place and it's not as the deliver system of a nice cheddar cheese.  Another way I enjoy cheddar is melted over the top of a hot beef or ham sandwich.  If I'm having cold cuts, I prefer provolone.  Smoked or sharp, it makes no difference. I find both to be wonderful additions.  I also love Italian sub sandwiches with provolone.  I live in Florida and believe it or not, the only place to buy a decent Italian sub sandwich is at our local Publix supermarket.  Publix is a southern chain and is a very good supermarket with a nice selection of food. If you ever find yourself in Florida and are looking for a good place to shop for food. I definitely recommend it.  They also have a nice selection of great cheeses.

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IGN: roPHILmao

First Name: Phil

Skype: I haz

Age: 21

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Mining, Crafting, Building, Exploring, Morphing, Trading, Chatting. Everything! AotBT is awesome!

Most importantly write a paragraph:  I'm not going to type a whole paragraph but I'll just tell you a few things about myself. I'm Australian, I'm an artist and I also perform on stage in musicals for fun. I love gaming in my spare time and can't wait to join a peaceful server and make new friends! :)

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IGN: Raudi4711

First Name: Jürgen

Skype: Raudi0815

Age: 30

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: I love building with Microblocks and building in general.

Most importantly write a paragraph: I played some time in sp, but its gonna get a bit boring with time, so i want to play with other people! Gouda and Emmentaler are my Cheese favorites ;)

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First Name: Alex

Skype: red957

Age: 16

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: I love playing with friends and exploring the moon in Galacticraft.

Most importantly write a paragraph: I have been searching for servers for hours and none have appealed to me like this one. I'm really looking forward to playing with this amazing community! There are so many servers out there that have many banned items and that just ruins the experience of the modpack. I really wanted to play on a whitelisted server so I don't have to deal with griefers or complainers. I am so glad I found this server, as it seems it will finally allow me to make new friends and experience mods with other people. I am very excited to join this community! My favourite cheese is mozzarella.

Edited by Red956
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First Name:Zach



What you enjoy doing in AotBT:I love to do about anything,meeting friends is probably my favorite thought.

Most importantly write a paragraph:Server after server,I finally find one that looks really good!I'm very excited to come on here and meet a whole new community!


(Sorry about my post with just my IGN,a very ignorant thing has happened.)

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Tell us about yourself!

IGN: XxSaRobz09xX

First Name: Sebastien

Skype: I haz :(

Age: 19

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Messing around with the wonderful mods such as Galacticraft or Witchery!

Most importantly write a paragraph: I've been on a long adventure on the forums for a few says searching for a good server to play on that has no mods removed such as Galacticraft. This server looks quite good and hopefully there is a good around of friendly people on that I can play with. My goal is to get into the mods such as Galacticraft and blast of the the moon and get some CHEESE!  

By the way, I'm not that experienced with the AotBT modpack but I am quite familiar with some of the mods because I used to play FTB before this!


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IGN - AgrealSlade

First Name - Jacob

Skype - Vivideep (look for the fox with the umbrella picture)

Age - 21

What do you enjoy doing in AotBT - Building, making machination contraptions, exploring the mod, the occasional prank.

Most importantly write a paragraph - Not much to say about me, a jack of all trades that like to see how mods work with making different kinds of bases and buildings. I do enjoy playing this game with others, when the cheese ball headed owners can keep the server from being a three ring *bleep* *bleep* in a tent with *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* on a screw ball *bleep* *bleep* back of a lawn *bleep* *bleep* textbook *bleep* *bleep* with a *bleep* *bleep* eight legged *bleep* *bleep* mess. I do intend to record for my channel on the server since I wanted to do a modded series for a while now and with it being summer and college done for the quarter, perfect time to start up. The server looks nice and I do like the mission goal of the server.


PS - I don't swear, I just use bleeps to poke a little fun at what could I be saying yet I am censoring myself on, a type of let your imagination wonder what am I saying.

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IGN: pwnage_potato590

First Name: Harrison

Skype: harrison.s7

Age: 13

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Witchery, Necromancy, Thermal Expansion, Tropicraft, and Secret Rooms

Most importantly write a paragraph: Not sure if its supposed to be a paragraph about cheese or about you with the word cheese slipped in a couple of times, I think its the latter however but please tell me if its not so I can change it. Anyway, just like most people on here I'm tired of the crappy servers. Recently I was accepted on a different whitelisted server and the owner (who must have had cheese for brains) had multiple chunk loaders and an insane amount of mob spawners. The result was that the server was laggy, and no new mobs would spawn. Me and the other players had enough so we left, now I'm stuck looking for servers again. This server looks to be exactly what I want, a server where I don't need to worry. I enjoy trusting people, but its hard when you have cheese-headed kids griefing and "trolling" to make themselves laugh. I want to be able to log off the server without worrying about someone ruining my house. This server looks perfect: some sort of staff to keep order, but no one in a higher tier than the rest.

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IGN: Emma7441

First Name: Cassandra (Cass Or Cassie is fine)

Age: (I will tell you at the bottom ;) )

Skye: I haz (??? Not to sure what that means... But I don't have Skype xD)

What I enjoy doing in AotBT: I love to collect. To have 1 or 2 of everything. Like Dinosaurs, Mo' Creatures, Witchery Etc

Paragraph: Now, my mind works differently. I may be young but I'm very Mature and have often been referred to as 16-23. I have never been in a White-listed server but I have been a Admin before (And a good one at that). My spelling... Well, it isn't so great and I do correct myself or say if I know its wrong (Please do tell if I'm very bad). I have a Rare Condition (Rare for Girls) called Aspergers (Search it) My mind works differently and I see thing in different ways. Here is something I wrote -


My age?
Take a deep breath and sit down.
Look at how I type.
Look at how I reply to you.
Am I 10?
Am I 18?
Just look.
Look again.
One more time.
What do you see?
A little girl?
A grown women?
Don't judge me on my age.
Don't treat me differently.
Because I don't judge you.
I might be younger then you.
Or older.
Think again.
How old am I?
How old are you?
I hope you like it, but I hope to see you on the Server.
Oh and something else
Im very alone.
I have no friends and going through... A tough time.
Now for my age.
Think about it.
How old do you think?
Im 13 ;)
And I love Cheese, like a lot!
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IGN: Mc_Crafter12

First Name: Tyler

Skype: mc_crafter_12

Age: 16

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Witchery, building, necromancy honestly i love everything i mean what isn't there to enjoy doing?! even mining is fun :)

Most importantly write a paragraph:  Writing a paragraph is hard but when you got cheese it makes it easy to write like who wouldn't love a nice slice of cheese i mean if you want to do the work or just eat it all and not cut it into slices! When your parents or someone says CHEESE for a pic you just start drooling over the fact they said cheese to be honest  i think cheese is one of the hardest words to write a paragraph about but it is deferentially one of the best food product out there in the world just that good old Cheese!!!!!!!!!  

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Glad I checked the forums today and saw this topic.  Here goes nothing....


IGN: foooeey


First Name: Jez


Skype: I haz


Age: 40


What I enjoy most in AtotBT: Geez, where to begin? I enjoy the machine aspects, Thermal Expansion, Minefactory Reloaded and the likes.  Freedom of building with all those great new blocks that are available and don't get me started with carpenters blocks, chisel mod and micro blocks. Makes me happy to spend 4 hours building a simple farm building?!?  But most of all it has to be bat mode for mining or squid morph for building under water.


Write a paragraph: Well I've been playing this pack for a few months now and started a small server myself for some friends I'd been playing vanilla with. Interest from the originals started to drop so tried recruiting on these forums actually.  That created a new bunch of players for a while but again interest started to drop off so I'm now the owner for one of those failing servers and been playing on my own for about a month :(.  I'm not done with this pack and would like to be playing it online with others.  I did record some episodes for the youtubes and would be happy to share a link if you'd like to see more of the person I am, what I've built in AtotBT and type of player I am.  Not going to spam my channel it here, that would be cheesy (yayy, got it in here) but happy to share the details via PM if wanted.


What else should I say, hmmmmm...well, I've been playing vanilla on multiplayer servers for quite a while so know how to behave and get involved with the community side.  I do like it on a server when there is a central spawn or town where people can build a spawn house or similar.  Creates that central community area where we can all come together, but at the same time I do like my retreat away elsewhere where I can get on and build my masterpiece of a base (not, but I try).


Oh and one last thing.  Although I have a server, its now dead apart from me and I don't have any intentions of pushing it again.  I know exactly how difficult a decision it can be open up your community to new people and my days of owning & running a server are done with so I have no intentions of spamming your members with another server.  Just wanted to reassure you of that.


Ok, I'm done now, thanks for reading and all that jazz...

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First Name:Thomas

Skype: i believe it is omgrawrthomas

Age: 20

What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Honestly just building and creating things, making hard tasks become easy tasks.

Most importantly write a paragraph: Long Ago there once was a king. Now, he was no ordinary king. This King, was a special King. He ruled all of Cheeselandia. Cheeselandia was a place of peace, it was a place of hope, and above all a place where dreams can come true! His name you may ask? High King molds-alot... among his people he was the oldest, the most wisest of all cheeselandians. BUT! He had an older brother. Now this brother wanted power, he wanted more than just cheeselandia. He wanted to rule the cheese Nebula. untill next time my cheeseians.

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