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Anyone looking for a community whitelisted server?


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the title says it all.


i own a server located in northern france and i am looking for people to play B-Team with.


the server is a survival server though i want no pvp action. i am looking for people who like to build stuff and things for and with the community, show off awesome builds and massive machines made.


if you like to apply please reply in the comments and i'll evaluate you (things like past forum posts, replies etc)


all in all i want a balenced server when it comes to geography. multiple people from different time zones though not far apart so that no one plays alone


when offensive behavior and/or griefing etc is detected you are immediatly removed from the whitelist.


remember, first come first serve. the server cant handle more then 20 connections at a time. so no more then 30 people may ever be whitelisted at the same time.



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Apparently my posts are invisible to newbies in this thread.

Now do I exploit this as a honeypot to lure in people deserving warning points for not reading/following the rules? Or do I just lock this and contain the spacial anomaly that hampers my duties here?

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There's a third option - apply it as a superpower:


Post this thread link around for criminals to use as a safe haven for planning illegal activities.  When they sign up here they'll be newbies, so you can then tell them that you intend to report them to the authorities.  Because they can't perceive you you'll then be free to gather as much information as you want with no risk to yourself and even a completely clear conscience (you did tell them you were planning to report them, after all).

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Good question - they may well ignore me thinking I'm a madman so it would be impossible to tell if it's that or your powers extending to envelop people who talk to you.


What happens... if I quote you? :D

Now I have to wonder, can they see you loader?


The trap set, now I wait and see if someone asks what the blurry bit in this post is.

Edited by Loader
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