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Having trouble on the moon


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So I made it to the moon and built a compound running on solar power. Great idea I thought until the sun went down and never came back up... I'm hosting my own server and running the lastest stable tekkit builds. Any ideas on how to either change the time (/time set 0 does nothing along with the utility to change it to dawn). Thank you.

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Could it be that the moon day/night cycle is about 30 MC days, sort of like real life.


I recently got to the moon myself and it was daylight when I arrived. I did not even notice the hostile mobs there until I went underground, and later nightfall on the surface. I am powering oxygen collectors and bubble thing with redstone energy cell for now, but will not know if or how solar can charge that until I can figure out when it is daylight on the moon. It was dark when I visited it several times with a linking book. I am guessing that can be determined by the phase of the moon, but that may depend upon where you are on the surface. Certainly it would be daylight on the moon during full moon, since you can see earth from there.


I am also curious if meteorites are dynamic (more falling over time) because I found a meteorite in a crater with broken block entities lying around (like when there is a creeper explosion). I am the only person who has been on the moon on that server except someone who tp'd to me (without oxygen gear) while I was there the first time. I did find a moon village and what I think is a dungeon down a deep hole (looks like vanilla chest guarded by creeper and double bow skeleton), but it was night, so I just marked waypoints (using MapWriter included with opis instead of Rei's Minimap) and got out of there.

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