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  1. http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/tekkit-lite-servers.73/
  2. I went exploring on the Cold War server, and brought back some spoils you guys might like.

    1. _Mataroyale_Modpacker_


      Tell us where on the conversation page.

    2. _Mataroyale_Modpacker_
  3. Lethosos should be banned for having a lazy eye GO TO A EYE DOCTOR
  4. jvb should be banned for having a name that makes no sense For your information sir, I am a Omaorb, not a slime.
  5. Why cant you love me and join my campaign?

    1. Richs_Yard


      I'll give you another chance my friend. Join me, and you shall find salvation.

    2. Mooseman9
    3. Richs_Yard


      Then play Dequello!

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  6. Just laugh at it, and it'll stop being funny.
  7. Mataroyale is banned for having a ball that defies gravity. Magic does not exist silly person!
  8. You are invited to join my in my "Political Campaign" (I'll be seizing the power on Luke's Cold war server)

    1. theprolo


      Sorry, I've already been recruited :P

    2. Richs_Yard


      By who my friend?

    3. theprolo


      Mooseman9. We've worked together before, on the Technic Battles Redux server

  9. Now, sir, that isnt quite nice. I am only doing my role here as a member of this community.
  10. I cordially invite you to assist in my "Political Campaign" on Luke's cold war server. (I will be seizing power)

  11. My good friend, I hereby invite you to assist with my "Political Campaign" on Lukes cold war server. (I will be basically taking it over)

    1. Kocken926


      I will keep this in mind. My contract with luke is old and neglible, perhaps it's time to plot...

    2. Richs_Yard


      We shall seize his assets and take the power!

  12. My good friend, I hereby invite you to assist with my "Political Campaign" on Lukes cold war server. (I will be basically taking it over)

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    2. Ysharma


      You know turtles are good for conquest

    3. TheBytemaster


      Conquest you say? I was thinking of something more along the lines of one-sided utterly unfair brutality, but that could be interesting too.

    4. Richs_Yard


      Byte, Brutal treatment is to only be used against Riots. We want to get into office the way we should, not conquest.

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  13. I invite you to assist with my political take over of Lukeb28's cold war server.

    1. Richs_Yard


      We dont want to end them, we just want them to obey our every word.

    2. Kocken926


      *takes notes on who follows who*

    3. Mooseman9


      ^Pretty much, yeah.

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  14. Hehe! I love your thinking! JOIN ME AND WE CAN TAKE OVER THE WORLD AND MAKE IT A LIVING *bleep*
  15. So the Technic people solved the 3 different kinds of copper by just... removing the copper? BRILLIANT!
  16. I just got your new avatar.

    1. dwwojcik


      Haha yeah. I don't think I'll keep it, but it's pretty clever, isn't it. Got it from my preCalc teacher's webpage.

    2. dwwojcik


      Now I'm just mucking around. I'll probably try loads of stuff then go back to my creeper.

  17. But it is not too late! Switch over to science before you cant go back!
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