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Whats with the ganging up?

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Now you're trying to antagonise me.

Edit: Thanks for proving my point.

And you've refrained from freaking out. Congratulations, you've passed the first test.

In general, I'd say the fact that you haven't been arbitrarily banned sort of works against the point you're trying to make. As to that thread you were referring to... Generally yes, you can't mock the stupid out of people. Sadly, you also can't usually explain the stupid out of them. Thus, out of two options that do exactly the same thing, we tried the explaining (the technic team was in no way responsible for his children's treatment on some random server), and when that didn't work, then we might as well have some fun with him.

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You can't mock the stupid out of people,

There's your failure to comprehend. We aren't trying to mock the stupid out of people, we are trying to mock stupid people out of our forum. those are two vastly different concepts, and it works pretty damn well.

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"Don't argue with a fool because they'll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

You have clearly not seen the Whalebox. The only one who get stupidier is the stupids :)

Also, OP. You seem to believe that "theckits are evilz!". Technic has handed dozens of Stickies all over the forums... only so people will ignore to see them and ask "why wont my launcher wurk?? how do i do a bug report?? what is a OS ?? mines a pc!"

We are not evil, we are simply tired of these people who are ignorant.

Then there are people who get help and act with name-calling, ALSO another kind of human behaviour we dont want.

Technic seems harsh on the surface... but we are simply grown people who gets attacked by children. (or fathers to children?).

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I was referring to this:

If you go back and read the thread you're referring to carefully, he was *blaming* the fact that he had a bad experience on that server on the tekkit devs and anyone involved in this website. He was acting like he wanted the them to do something about the fact that he had a bad experience on that specific server.

Initially people tried explaining that those servers were not the tekkit dev's responsibility. A normal person would have said "Oh, I didn't realize that, what can I do about it then?" And the conversation would have moved on and been productive from there.

The issue is, the guy was an idiot. Instead of realizing he was being an idiot, he continued pressing and forcing his point and not actually making any positive progress in the thread because he was too determined to prove that everyone on this forum was wrong, and he was right. You can't help those people. It isn't a possibility. I guarantee if you had posted your advice in that thread he would have ignored it and continued ranting on about how the tekkit devs are terrible people and someone owes him his donations back.

Also, the fact that we're even having this discussion and you weren't just banned is an immediate indication that your argument is invalid because you're not giving us our laughs. Try not to make your assumptions of an entire community based on one single thread.

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It seems to me that if someone is frustrated or wrong in some way, you guys just tease them, gang up and have your laughs, then you ban them? Is this really your entertainment?

its the whole reason i go on these forums...

you must be new to the internet then. I assure you, the stupid people will continue to post. And frankly, unless you ridicule and mock the stupid out of people they never grow out of it. It has no bearing on whether the moderators are paid or not. They still have to put up with stupid shit.

speaking of getting paid and such...NO ONE gets paid a damn dime...

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The thread I was referring to btw was one I just read, some guys kids came here to complain about donators on some random server. I wanted to reply explaining (as he obviously didn't understand teh internetz) that he could get his own server for 6 pounds a month, but I couldn't cos the thread was locked and he was banned (for what I can't see).

So what happened in that thread was: old guy starts silly thread, talks in a negative way about tekkit. First reply, angry and defensive (someone even said it was a bit much). Anyway after that first reply it all went down hill with everyone jumping in and having a pop, until eventually he gets angry then ban and thread lock.

When it could have been so much more simple, the guy was obviously frustrated as anyone would be but no one could appreciate this an sympathise, instead just bully him.

I came back to these forums to see if anything has changed and it really hasn't, its still even the same people trolling and antagonising.

I was the one who said it was a bit too much. That was before I realized that this guys ideology was that the manufacturers of guns involved in homocides should face 25-life.

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the manufacturers of guns involved in homocides should face 25-life.

A very apt metafore.

I was part of that thread and had my fair share of laughs. The thing you fail to relise OP is that this is all a game or at least based on one.

What would you do if someone on your server started to say that it was your fault he lost his job because he was have to much fun on your server?

This is the exact same as what that dad did. He came to the devs of technic for a problem on his end.

The thing I find most amusing on these forums is threads like these where it is apparent to everyone but the OP the OP is wrong. We have all given very strong points and yet you resist and carry on. You have made some valid points but they were quickly disassembled and used against you. You are exactly the same as the Dad with just a little more hold back. I imagine you are going to rage at this or at least attempt to pick it appart and then be picked apart again.

Just face the music and drop the thread and start a new topic that is not so controversial so that we may start looking at you as a peer and not someone to openly mock. I personally guarantee if this thread continues it will become a whale box thread and people will be pissing all over you.

I will happily be one of them. :D

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Now you jinxed it, great job. It doesn't even have the potential now.

Oh they always have the potential. I have seen many threads with the words in the thread in the whale box.

And even if I did, it the point of the whale box not to just make stupid people the forefront of the humor viewers? We can still have a great time in here while it lasts and it will probably end up there anyways.

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just so everyone's on the same page, you're talking about this thread, right op?

here is the problem, you are most likely young and inexperienced. that thread was not about the poster's kids. it was only tangentially about minecraft. that thread was about a guy, who may or may not have been a father (let's hope not!), trying to make a really terrible "99%" style argument and thinking that the technic team was morally compelled to DO SOMETHING about it. he claims to have been wronged and blames everyone but himself for it. it's tekkit, it's donators, it's money. if he was at all genuine, he would not have kept it up as long as he did nor would he have waited for like... 4 pages before claiming to have tried to move servers/talk to the admin and then claim it's not about "his kids" it's about "the next kid" in a terrible "think of the children!" moment.

but you are young, and he had proper grammar for the most part on top of literally sounding like a politician. never trust anyone who sounds like a politician.

the world isn't just, it isn't fair, and it isn't nice. the internet is the same way. the sooner you realize this, the better.

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In general, I'd say the fact that you haven't been arbitrarily banned sort of works against the point you're trying to make. .

It simply doesn't. I'm not saying people get banned for shits and giggles, I'm saying they get provoked until they commit ban worthy offense then they get banned. Which is one of the most cruel and pointless things I have ever seen a moderator do on any forums.

You guys are even trying to do it to me right now! Difference for me is I no longer play this game, so I don't have anything to lose by not being helped by you guys (in fact I only came back to see if things had changed.) You guys really are just cruel; childish jeering and patronisation is just annoying. And whats even worse is when you assume someone is stupid because you assume their problem is simple so you assume the stupid needs to be mocked out of them, or they need to be mocked out of the forums.

At the end of the day all people want to do is play the game, and the attitude here is: if you're "stupid", (I'm guessing this means if you don't know how to configure your ports, or you don't under stand the concept of fps lag vs net lag etc.) then you don't belong here. I simply find the idea of giving shitty customer service because its free and people should just be grateful perplexing.

do you feel better now?

Thats the sort of patronising and provokingly, and not to mention, pointless talk I am referring to.

I love how your inciting behaviour isn't working on me so you have to put words in my mouth. I never mentioned Stalin once, let alone saying "you are literally worse than Stalin." LMAO... pathetic.

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"I realized I was a moron, but can't admit it. I mean, I wuz jus trollin guise! LOLOLOLOL!"

edit: now that that is over, I just want to add that anyone who believes what we do here is "customer service" or considers themselves a "customer" is extremely confused.

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