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How does one make a mob spawner constantly producing mobs?


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If you are using an Auto-Spawner you can just keep the chunk loaded. Judging by his post though I think he is using an actual spawner that he moved with either a PortaSpawner or the Block Mover or whatever it is called. If that is the case then the spawner is following basic minecraft spawn formula which means I think he has to be within a 32 block radius of the spawner for it to activate and in the appropriate light level.

I too have an actual mob spawner and it only produces mobs if I am near it. I am trying to use it for an essence farm. Honestly I would like to know an answer to this also if one exists. I have thought of putting an Autonimos(sp?) Activator near it since it "simulates" a player right click but that doesn't mean it acts as a player entity.

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I've heard that the Altar from witchery keeps the chunk loaded. Someone in our server had a mishap with a villager farm in the same chunk as the altar and we got on the next day and there were thousands of villagers lol. Also, i see Loader said the poppet shelf from witchery does too.

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Vanilla (type) spawners only work with actual players. There aren't any substitutes available.


So if I read this correctly, not an altar, not the poppet shelf or a chunk loader from MFR will activate a vanilla spawner. And is this only for AOTB or for all of minecraft?


Also the only known method now is gathering a lot of mob essence and having a chunk loader load a MFR mob spawner to spawn whatever you need...


So has anyone tested, that when you clone yourself with the sync mod, and leave your original self, that it acts like a "player" to activate vanilla spawners, or does that bring us back to dwwojcik's anwser? (no substitutes available...)

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