Grinder Block Have Power but doesnt work?

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I placed a Mobgrinder with Power cable and Fluidcable that transports the Mobessence into a Tank. The system works BUT the grinder only kill a mob once and then stops, i waited over 5 minutes.... why the Grinder stops working? That makes no sense, and he got enough power!




anyone got a resolve?!

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    • By TaintedMythos
      Hey there everyone!
      So I was on a server trying to get back to my house after I died, and I ran into this:

      I was looking at it for a bit, then it disappeared. I went along my way and it suddenly reappeared again, which was when I took this screenshot. What is this and what mod is it from? Also, how long gear wise should I wait until I can try to kill it?
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      So i setup a mob grinder spawning slimes and i threw in zombie pigmen to grind gold and i came back after a little while to check the chests and i found a random enchanted sign with sharpness 4 knockback 2 and fire aspect 1 and +10 health when you are holding it in your hands. It is jsut a normal sign from minecraft with enchants and health when you mouse over it. Any idea what mod makes these drop? What mob drops them? What the rate is?
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      But mobs spawn WAY too often with weapons and armor equipped.
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      I see mobs with gear equipped ALL OF THE TIME.
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      And I have TONS of mods.
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      The question is: where should i place the fix so that mod will read it and replace the sounds?