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Rise of the Machines: Showcase your tekknical achievements


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Greetings, Tekkiteers!


I'm sure most of you have tinkered a lot with the mods in Tekkit, and built yourself useful factories and worry-free item supply chains. I'm also sure that many of you have a sense of style as well, and tried not just to make it work, but to make it work elegantly. And to look impressive as well.


So how about sharing some of those achievements here? I'm not suggesting to heap together a lot of "here is my base" screenshots, but rather pictures of specific machines that serve a specific purpose. You have a machine assembly of blocks that solves a particular problem very elegantly? You created a well-known solution, but added a personal touch that you're proud of? Let's see it!


I will give one example of my own to show how it works. You post one or more pictures of the machine, or machine complex, and describe it briefly, like so:




if it actually has one

Purpose of construction:

what does it do?

How it works:

in case it's not blatantly obvious

What I especially like about it:

write a poem if you like, but try to get across why it's great



Here is my example:




Name: Breaker Cross


Purpose of construction: Obsidian generator, trench style (+Cobblestone as a byproduct)


How it works: Gelid Cryotheum and Lava form Obsidian (and Cobblestone) between them wherever they touch. A trench-style generator exploits this by placing the fluids far enough apart that they are both preserved. Block Breakers remove the Obsidian and Cobblestone each time they reappear, creating an infinite source of both materials.


What I especially like about it: The Cross is a multi-trench, which allows 16 Block Breakers to run off just seven buckets of Cryotheum and two buckets of Lava. This can be reversed, as Cryotheum is much harder to obtain than Lava, but the Breakers would have to sit further outside that way. I made it this way around simply for aesthetical reasons. It could be built even larger and expanded to a grid, if you really need tons of the stuff.


So what about yours? Feel free to share whatever you like.

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Name:  SDF Reactor  1C-3R-44SF-O25.44   (Steam Digitalizer Fusion Reactor  1 Core 3 Rings 44 Steam Funnels Output 25.44 b/t Steam)


Purpose of construction: Energy generation, self sustaining, high output


How it works: The Fusion Reactor generates steam, which is gathered through Steam Funnels. From there the steam will be pulled out by Transfer Nodes from Extra Utilities and digitalized by several ME Fluid Import Bus from Extra Cells. Using ten 64k Fluid Storages as a buffer. The steam will be dedigitalized by a ME Fluid Export Bus and emptied into a 3 high ME Certus Tank, which is connected via 3 Pneumatic Servo enhanced Fluiducts to a Big Turbine.


What I especially like about it: That it is a self acquired/developed system, that it is roughly 3-4 times more effective than a regular/Atomic Science only Fusion Reactor and that the SDF Reactor Core can fit into 9x9x7 and generate over 25b/t of steam. The whole system generates 305k RF/t. So even after subtracting running cost for the Fusion Reactor, the ME Fluid Network and Tesseract loss you have over 220k RF/t. And it has style :D

This Reactor is on a server a friend and I are using.


Goal: A SDF Reactor complex which will output 1M RF/t with Tesseract loss included! One Design would be a quadcore Fusion Reactor with 5 to 6 rings... though that is something I have to test :D

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Impressive. That's the kind of thing I meant.


Here is a link to my own "Big Power" solution that I posted >a while back.


Name: The Core


Purpose of construction: High-efficiency Power generation, with style


How it works: A max-height (48 blocks) Big Reactors core that has 20 Turbines directly attached.

What I especially like about it: Directly attached Turbines do away with the steam transport limitations that you otherwise have to overcome. And while Turbine size limits are quite a limiting factor in large-scale designs, nothing stops you from simply attaching many more Turbines. Which in a way looks more impressive than just one humongous Turbine would.

I could have made the core reactor larger than just 5x5, and also could have gone up to the horizontal size limit for the Turbines, or even increased Turbine diameter as well. Truth be told, I simply didn't have enough Cyanite to go larger, and the work was also very tedious for a single player, even at that size. Maybe I'll do a larger one yet. I will definitely wait for the next BigReactors update before doing that, because that one will finally make the damn Reactor Glass easier to break. As it stands, not even a quarry can remove it reliably, and stripping a design like the Core down manually will take days.

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Name: The Spawnery


Purpose of construction: Professional Mob Grinding via MFR machines


How it works: Four Auto-Spawners at the bottom of a blast-proof room spawn whatever is required in large quantities (just insert the desired creatures caught in Safari Nets). An array of Grinders lining the walls will kill anything quickly, and forward the loot and recuperated Mob Essence.


What I especially like about it: The room is large enough to allow for anything up to Ghasts being spawned conveniently and will harvest even rare loots very quickly. I got a stack of Wither Skulls in a rather short time, once I obtained four Wither Skeletons to place in the Spawners (requires "Spawn Exact Copy" option set to true). Farming Ghasts to obtain more Ghast Tears for some more Reusable Safari Nets is trivial as well. The Tank Pillar serves no functional purpose other than keeping mobs out of the dead zone in the middle, where no Grinder can reach. Note how all vulnerable parts, namely Grinder faces and the Tanks, are covered with Obsidian Glass Covers for protection.


Here is the gallery:




The ominous glow comes from the Mob Essence, stored in a visually-appealing stack of Resonant Portable Tanks.



It's a rather compact room, considering the hardware it packs beneath the surface.



Floodlights on! I installed them to illuminate the room for maintenance work, but it turns out that hardly anything spawns on its own even when it's dark.



A peek through the door. Observers are safe behind this one, even when all hell breaks loose inside.



The control unit is up top. The lever controls the floodlights, the Chest is the end point of all loot transfers, and external sources of Mob Essence can be plugged in here. It should be obvious what the Tesseract and Energy Cell are for.

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I like this thread!  Unfortunately, I haven't taken the time to pretty up most of my machines just yet.  However, this is something I always like to do:



Zimek's Totally Awesome Rainbow of Leafy-Sheepiness

Purpose of construction:

Why, it provides me with 'dye' in the form of saplings.  Also, less importantly, wool and wood.

How it works:

MFR Harvesters and planters hooked up with Logistics Pipes via a Tesseract.  Basic stuff.  Storage chamber is Crystal Chests and more Logistics Pipes.

What I especially like about it:

I just like it because it's easy to make, pretty, and somewhat useful.  I also thought it would be something most people might not have done before.





Results go here:





Not the most high-tech system, but again I thought it might be something that not too many people do.  Hope you like it!

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Nice setup. It would be even nicer if you used the format I suggested.

Pro tip for those single-block Planters: Use Cobblestone "Upgrades" (-1) to reduce their area to the single block above, so the game will not poll eight more useless blocks around them.

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Inefficiency Star
Purpose of construction:
Low power, low maintenance, high inefficiency energy generation.
How it works:
This beautiful device uses Buildcraft Redstone Engines to produce RF. Since Redstone Engines are so simple, they are not intended to be able to transmit power, and they usually refuse to do so. However, if you connect them directly to an Extra Utilities Energy Transfer Node, they will.
What I especially like about it:
This thing takes a quite a bit of resources to make. The energy nodes require a couple of ender pearls each, for example. The power output is just slightly more than you get out of a single dynamo; it hovers just under 90RF/t. Still, when set up it requires nothing, and will happily chug away forever. Like a poor (and silly) man's fusion reactor. It also looks really cool.

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I must say, I do like that star, Kezr.


As for my latest exploits, I have not been building a machine per se, but I still think it's rather cool and warrants sharing.




Name: The Magic Arsenal


Purpose of construction: Achieving the best possible personal gear through expense of Mob Essence in my Minefactory Reloaded magickal factory.

How it works: Use a vanilla Anvil first (!) to name an item, then proceed to stack all the necessary enchantments on it in an Auto-Anvil (using pre-existing Enchantment Books).


What I especially like about it: Unique items in Tekkit! I spent quite some time thinking about appropriate names, and I like the results. And the cool thing is, any of you could just copy the method to make their own personal gear. Be creative!


And here is the gallery:




Witherbane: Not even Diamond was sharp enough to craft this boss-killer, so it was made from Ruby. It should not take too many hits to smite the mighty fiend with this.



Crittersquash: Annoyed by those spiders? Silverfish giving you the crabs? Just squash them all! Using the mighty charge attack of this battle hammer should even get you out of a swarm of hungry Hellfish.



Muramasa: The sharpest sword ever crafted. Perfect for slashing through hordes of enemies, and the ritual seppuku in case you failed.







Forgiveness: Discworld readers should get the reference. This is Mightily Oats' very own dispenser of mercy. Works especially well for followers of the Turtle.



Touch of Midas: A Pickaxe? Not just any Pickaxe. Swing this heirloom to wrest every last bit of wealth from the bowels of the Overworld, to multiply it later in your Pulverizer. Won't turn stuff into gold, though.



Thunderclap: Bow and arrows are for Skeletons. Tekkiteers shoot to kill, and we shoot with railguns. Or the closest thing to it that we can get out of Balkon's Weapon Mod. Just about the highest single-shot kaboom that can be had, short of flinging Dynamite. Don't bother to stack ammunition, just bring one bullet.



Mildred: Not all problems can be solved with a single shot... or can they? Next time you explore dungeons or Nether Fortresses, bring this fearsome shotgun. One or two shots will clear out a room full of zombies or... well, just about anything. Mildred is rather nearsighted, so try getting up close and personal.




In case anybody still doesn't recognize it, the texture pack used here is >Sphax PureBDCraft.

And if you really need telling: Thunderclap is a Musket, and Mildred a Blunderbuss.

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