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Bring Back EE 2


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I believe this user needs to wake up and find facts before posting this kind of thread. EE2 is gone, the former mod author, xenophobe, stopped developing it.


Pahimar is in charge of the mod and is developing EE3

any complaints you may have on his decisions should be brought to Pahimar, not us

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It probably has not been iterated enough yet.


Equivalent Exchange 2 has been a mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 and cannot be used on anything more recent. Tekkit needed to drop it in order to migrate to newer Minecraft versions. Tekkit devs have been nice enough to create Tekkit Classic, which is somewhat frozen in amber and retains EE2 (among other things) to this day. Of course, it is a dead end.

Xenophobe stopped all Equivalent Exchange development and chose to not open-source his code, which makes it impossible to adapt and upgrade it. This is his prerogative as the author and owner of the code. He wanted it to die, so it died.


He did allow Pahimar to start from scratch and use the name to make a new, open-sourced mod. This has become EE3, and it is still largely a work in progress. But Pahimar, being a clever fellow, took the criticism about old EE2 to heart and decided not to recreate everything as it was. Rather, he shrunk the concept back to size and made it a cute little alchemy mod that is mostly about matter conversion, not generation.

The very things people are wishing back, namely Condensers and the other overpowered stuff, were huge server breakers and griefer tools. Many servers had to clamp down heavily on EE2 back in the day, and some disabled it entirely. It was just too powerful and broke the game in several ways. EE3, on the other hand, is much more of a teamplayer as mods go. It will not create the gameplay "black hole" that turned all progress into how far you were along the Condenser chain. It will not give players the tools to destroy in seconds what others built in days.

EE3 is of course incomplete and I do miss some of the low-key features of old EE. But Pahimar promised to finish it, and it is also open-sourced (or will be?), to enable others to take over this time. So, good things will come to those who wait. Don't bother poor Pahimar about it, just allow him to finish his work. In the meantime, you may want to explore a few of the other 100+ mods in current Tekkit. Have fun doing that.

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If you're able to use a custom pack (perhaps based on Tekkit), you might enjoy adding AetherCraft. It feels a lot like EE2, and is still actively maintained and expanded.

Same thing can be achieved with Blood Magic + Jaded's Blood but needs Life Essence and some configs.

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