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[1.7.10] Devour the World // 260+ Mods [No Whitelist] [24/7]

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Devour The World is a extremely large modded Minecraft server.We host a custom modpack with over 260 of the newest and greatest mods and some of the lesser known gems. Our community is always growing and always improving the server and the modpack itself. Our community is self sustaining and does not rely on overly expensive ranks, items, or anything of the sort.



How to Join

1. Join our Enjin website.
2. Download the Technic launcher and search "Devour the World."
3. Download the modpack with the little earth.
4. Allocate more than 5 gigs of ram to the launcher by clicking the gear in the top right.
]5. Wait for the client to launch, usually takes about 1-2 minutes depending on your processor.
6. Join the sever with the IP:[.center]

Pictures of Devour the World



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For all the new members that our joining! I have grinded on this server for a little over a week now so if you join and see me on, which you most likely will just holla if you need anything! I would be more than happy to help! With that being said I wont give you things just help you. Hope to see you on!

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Server is on V1.4!


Patch Notes:

Updated Automagy to v0.20.2
Updated Bdlib to v1.6.5.52
Updated Binnie Mods to v2.0pre7
Updated BloodMagic to v1.3.1-7
Updated BspkrsCore to v6.16
Updated Calculator to v1.6.2
Updated CodeChickenLib to v1.1.3.127
Updated CoFHCore to v3.0.0RC4-204
Updated Computercraft to v1.73
Updated Damage Indicators to v3.2.3
Updated EE3 to v0.2.434
Updated Enchiridon 2 to v2.0d
Updated Ender Utilities to v1.2.2
Updated EnderIO to v2.2.8.355
Updated EnderUtilities to v0.4.0-beta-1
Updated Eureka to v2.2
Updated ExtraCells to v2.2.56b86
Updated Forbidden Magic to v0.561
Updated GardenStuff to v1.4.0
Updated Gendustry to v1.4.8.65
Updated Generators to v0.9.11.48
Updated Hardcore Ender Expansion to v1.7.1
Updated IC2 NuclearControl to v2.1.2a
Updated IC2 to v2.2.687
Updated InventoryTweaks to 1.59-beta-173
Updated Legendgear v2.b.2
Updated Mariculture to v1.2.4e
Updated Metallurgy to v4.0.8.97
Updated Minefactory Reloaded to v2.8.0RC7-82
Updated MoChickens to v1.6.1
Updated NEI Addons to v
Updated NEI Integration to 1.0.7
Updated NetherOres to v2.3.0RC4-10
Updated NotEnoughItems to v1.0.4.90
Updated OpenEye to v0.6.snapshot-142
Updated PneumaticCraft to v1.6.3-65
Updated Progressive Automation to v1.5.24
Updated Redstone Arsenal to v1.1.0RC3-50
Updated RedstoneArmory to v1.1-22
Updated Refined Relocation to v1.0.7f
Updated Reiquary to v1.2.257
Updated RfTools to v2.54
Updated Sanguimancy to v1.1.9Pre-24
Updated SimplyJetpacks to v1.4.1
Updated Sophisticated Wolves to v3.50
Updated StroageDrawers to v1.3.0-alpha2
Updated SuperMassiveTech to v0.3.0-alpha-109
Updated Talismans 2 to v1.1.1
Updated Thermal Expansion to v4.0.0RC4-135
Updated Thermal Foundation to v1.0.0RC4-58
Updated Waila to v1.5.9
Updated Wawla to v1.1.1

Removed Atum - Lacks spark.
Removed Cumbustible Lemon Launcher - Only used for griefing.
Removed Magic Yarn - Weird Bug was happening when using the mod.
Removed Meteors - No more meteor grief.
Removed Modular Powersuits - Simply doesnt work.
Removed Modular Powersuits Addons - Simply doesnt work.
Removed Numina - MPS Core
Removed Twilight Forest - Huge impact on server performance.

Added Draconic Evolution v1.0.1-snapshot_4
Added MinecraftLoader v0.1.3
Added Thermal Dynamics v1.0.0RC4-92
Added Translocator v1.1.1.14

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I haven't been playing on this server for long but it's rare that I'm so quickly impressed. It's clear the hours of effort that have gone into building the spawn (seriously it's one of the best minecraft builds I've seen in-game), and to get 200+ mods working in relative harmony can't have been easy. Noobsloth the owner seems like a good guy, welcoming, respectful and helpful. Admittedly I haven't seen it when it's busy, but I haven't seen any bad behaviour on this server at all which is very uncommon. One thing that tends to put me off other servers is overpowered donor ranks and purchases, but on this server they are very fair and EULA compliant which is very encouraging! I very much look forward to seeing how this server evolves over time.

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Where exactly is the server located?

I've tried out other servers such as Enderverse for the 1.7.10 pack, but since I live in Europe and the server was in the US, the lag made it too difficult to mine or build. Blocks kept popping in and out. This seems like a good alternative.

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The servers location is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We have a couple users from the UK and they regularly have no problems. But saying that others don't have a problem doesn't fix your issue, I know. 

The usual problem with first timers not being able to play the game is the amount of ram it takes to run the pack. If you don't have the rig to play it there is going to be some lag between you and the client. Another problem is that most of our users are unchecked in their builds and you get some people with hidden mob spawners that can bring the server to it's knees. But we are actively trying to educate players on responsible and sustainable building without having to remove features from the pack.

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So it's been around 7 months since I joined the server. I wrote a first impressions review on an older thread and thought I'd update my opinion now that I've been on it for a while.

There are several things that keep me coming back to this server in favour of other servers out there. 

  • Freedom and simplicity, no long-winded rulebook, just a general understanding of treating each other with respect. No strange unexplained restrictions, no hoops to jump through. From what I have seen this system works well.
  • Everyone is friendly, people help each other and cooperate.
  • No unwanted drama or arguing, except on very rare occasions (I can only clearly recall one particular incident over my 7 months of being on the server). Instigators are dealt with.
  • Reasonable performance given that it's on a server and has 260+ mods. I am honestly surprised that my framerate and general performance have been good with only occasional block lag (haven't seen any block lag in a long time, though), no rubber-banding, a bit of stutter where there's a lot going on, also given that I'm running on an outdated graphics card and a very outdated CPU.
  • Choice of mods to work on means you can't really ever get bored. Other modpacks now feel empty by comparison. I often have so many things I want to do all at once.
  • Fair and balanced donation system, nothing too OP. It does not feel like a disadvantage to be a non-donor like it does on many other servers, which makes me genuinely wish I could donate to the server upkeep (I can't).
  • Large map to work on. This may be a side-effect of being on a quiet server, but if you want to build alone, you can always find a spot.

That's about all for now. I'll update on any changes in opinion, hoping to see this server grow and get better.

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