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Does (or does not) EE3 allow for the manufacture of Blaze Rods? 1.2.9e


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I understand that ee3 is in an "alpha" state, but I'm wondering if anyone has the final word on whether or not one can make Blaze Rods using a Minium Stone and Blaze Powder?  I've Googled about a fair bit, and have found recipes that are fairly recent in time (early 2014) but I can't seem to make it work in game (1.2.9e).


Any notes?


Thanks in advance...

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The EE3 recipe list does indicate that you can transmute Blaze Powder back into Blaze Rods, which would be cool because you can manufacture Blaze Powder and that would open up a way to manufacture the Rods, too. Using the Pulverizer, it would also allow to exploit-craft infinite Blaze Rods and Powder, because you get more from the Pulverizer than you need to transmute back into Rods.


I tried, and it doesn't work. I don't know if the recipe list is inaccurate, if we just haven't caught up to it yet, or if the recipe has been disabled to prevent the Pulverizer exploit.  As of now, you'll have to get the Rods the old-fashioned way: From dead Blazes. Or from a Peaceful Table standing inside a chunk-loaded Nether Fortress.

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