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  1. please check this:
  2. Do you get kicked back tp the laucnher? If so i am fairly sure it will come up with an error You can enable the console ( the cog in the right top corner) And you will also find the logs there. then startup your game wait for it to crash look f it created an log and paste the log on And post the link here.
  3. Hey. Are there any error logs? And make sure your java is updated to the most recent version:
  4. If your .jar file has the default name it got from the Technic guys is should be something like this: java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar BTeam.jar nogui pause -Xmx Max RAM. -Xms Minimum RAM. BTeam.jar This is the .jar file it starts with. This start.bat or launch.bat should be in the same folder as the server jar.
  5. What what the server output? (Server log) How is your server.jar called? What is in your Start.bat or launch.bat?
  6. This error has been comming up allot. Try updating java. And next time post it in the bug report section.
  7. o.0 i just noticed you java is strongly outdated. Update you java here (the 64 bit one)
  8. For some reason you have the comments in it. I dont have those. Can you replace the file with this one: make sure you save the old one to be sure.
  9. For the craft recipes: when ou hover with you mouse over an item or look at the items you see form what mod this item is. that way you can search for the wiki pages Here is the wiki for galactic graft
  10. Try deleting the file that need to be deleted only You can find this file here: %appdata% -> Roaming -> .technic -> modpacks -> attack-of-the-bteam -> config -> MapWriter.cfg (make a backup first!!) Can you try opening the file with a text editor and tell me what is in it after you have tried deleting this file
  11. If you want to host it at home you can download the serverfiles here: And that is perfect if you have a pc that can tun a server and you can play a game on it. And you want to play with some friends. And if you want to do payed hosting you have to find a hosting company that does Technic packs or you change some files around manualy.(Last one is not recommended if you don't know what you are doing) Hosting at a hosting company is good if you want to make a public server. But there is a price tag attached
  12. Please check this: here they are talking about it as well.
  13. There is an error in one of your files java.lang.RuntimeException: Unknown character ' ' in '/config/MapWriter.cfg:1' Too late
  14. Try rebooting the server. Relog on the client and reboot the client.
  15. Of you get the microblocks not installed error, This is due your server is an older version (Downalod the most recent version here: Or you have updated your server wrong. in that case. Make a new folder on your desktop And Drag the new server files from the zip(That you downloaded from the link above) in there. And copy your old world over to this server,
  16. i have this problem as well. I decided to use a battery, Change it in the "Energy storage module"
  17. the coal generator is nothing more then put coal in it add a cable to it. And connect the cable to a power storage or a machine.
  18. You cant trey a manual download an put it in the right spot. But other then that i am not much use on this right now. You should try keeping an eye on this post:
  19. More ppl have this problem. Keep and eye on this tracker:
  20. Try resetting the mod pack. If that does not work. Backup your Technic game files and re-install the launcher.
  21. well its annoying as well Xd like when you look at the enderman when you don't want to, They keep stealing my house.