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  1. Wait... you guys ride kangaroos to school?! Holy shit dude that's epic! I always thought Australians drove cars. Or, is it like an elite order of kangaroo riders that you were born into? All you wish to do is carry on your families legacy of being the Supreme Jumper, master of the hops! With that kind of resume, we'd be happy to have you here at WarpTech industries! :D
  2. Ok, I misunderstood your original post Meteora. As a few short term goals, I would try to at least dabble in every mod in the pack, starting with industrial craft. You don't have to do much with every item if you don't want to, just look through NEI and find an item that looks/sounds cool. Make it and see what it does. That's the strategy I used to learn all the mods, just make items that seem interesting. As a start though, I would recommend trying to craft an Electric Jetpack. This requires you to build an energy storage unit (batbox) and a generator to use, so it is a good first step to the
  3. We are working on that. Just be patient man, we got this. But really, if you want to play on a server with all the items enabled and whatnot, you need to play with a group of friends. If you open up your tekkit server to the public without removing some of the more dangerous items, your gonna have a bad time. Griefers are like creepers, green, ugly, and all around general dicks.
  4. I personally like the different blocks projecting differently shaped shields. I find the upgrade system to be less intuitive. And, honestly I always felt a force field system should be a bit more complex than just a few wirelessly linked blocks.
  5. Or, if you don't want to use EE, try playing with redpower frames. There are a lot of neat things you can do with those. For example, I have a mobile levitating airbase, with an attached frame quarry, oil pump and refinery, machine shop, sleeping quarters, storage room, and computer craft entertainment center. And all of that is surrounded with a remote controlled shield system powered by a nuclear reactor. Albeit, this was my fourth base on my server, and I built it with three friends. But if you want a challenge a bit more fun than grinding for gem armor, I'd highly recommend this. The g
  6. Oh wow, this thread really got going. It was only on page 1 when I went to bed last night. I'll be on in an hour after I grab some lunch. See you guys soon.
  7. You need to make your wrench out of bronze, not stone and iron.
  8. Ok cool. Ya, anchor carts are disabled on my server except for the three carts OPs give to each player. They are uncraftable though. I try to keep all of the "building tools" enabled though, mainly the Destruction Catalyst and Mercurial Eye for my staff (Crafting and the "use" command are disabled for regular members). It really helps them build awesome server structures without needing to give them World Edit.
  9. If you are still interested in allowing players access to limited chunk loaders, look into the Dimensional Anchors added in 3.1.2. That mod allows you to specify exactly how many chunks a player can load. Set it to something reasonable for your defaults, and allow donors access to a few more chunks. I actually wouldn't recommend disabling Buildcraft. It is useful in many instances when building in tight spaces, particularly vertically. There are many plugins that monitor, and flag a warning with co-ords when a chunk exceeds too many lose entities. I'd recommend looking into one of those.
  10. Have you posted this on your plugin creator's page? It looks like your plugin is having trouble handling the fake player [redpower] causing a BlockBreakEvent. The only thing that breaks blocks in redpower is the block breaker (creative name, right? ). So, it would seem your issue lies with your jobs plugin and it's lack of compatibility with the mods. In the future. If you want help (I'm guessing this is why no one responded before), you actually need to help us help you. For example, why did you not post the name of your specific jobs plugin? And did you think to Google "How do I fi
  11. Looks like you need to put your hands up, and do the time warp again.
  12. //replace basalt air //replace lava air ^_^
  13. Also, if you want to actually learn how to use the mods in Tekkit I recommend Direwolf20's YouTube channel. Start watching from the beginning of his Season 4 lets play. As to some of the items. They like to re-skin items a lot, so what you think is an unknown item is actually just a common item in disguise.
  14. Don't make me clock you on the head for that lazy rebuke.
  15. I would usually say to please help us help you. By posting at least some relevant information to narrow down your problem. In this case however, I will teach you how to help yourself. Step 1: Google "Connection lost 503 for URL session/minecraft.net/game/joinserver etc" Step 2: Look for some reference to your problem, in this case Minecraft. As of right now this is literally the third link down. Step 3: Skim through the page, in this case a forum thread, to see if people are having similar problems. Hey what do you know? They are, and look what Caldavas linked to. It's a listing of a
  16. Use scaffolding to better control were your construction foam goes. The scaffolds will pop off after being replaced by foam. And yes, you need to place the cable first and then spray it with foam.
  17. Maybe it's time for you to give up. ^_^
  18. This is a known bug, and is fixed in the most recent version of ccSensors. Here http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1121555-125-cc133-ccsensors-adding-sensors-to-minecraft-now-with-smp/
  19. Actually the mods on the IC2 forums are pretty good at responding fairly quickly. I'd try asking there. But, honestly there are a lot of known jetpack bugs with previous versions of IC2. I'd check the stickies/ bug report forum first.
  20. Hmm.. trying to think of a good analogy... Ok, here goes. That's like asking someone selling you a deck of pokemon cards to rebalanced and reprint the attack points on the Charizard card, because it is clearly overpowered and unbalanced. He just collects the cards; he doesn't make them. The maintainers of the Tekkit pack did fix this already though. They included a version of Industrial Craft that had addressed this bug. This addition was included in the Tekkit 3.1.1 update. It baffles the mind how people can think that the awesome dudes responsible for the tekkit/technic packs actuall
  21. What version of Tekkit is your server running? The SMP Jetpack fix is in Industrial Craft 1.97 which is added in Tekkit 3.1.1 and onwards. I try my best to not play on any server running the current rec build because of this.
  22. Well Better Than Wolfs is compatible with Better Than Buildcraft (notice the egocentric naming convention yet?), but the real question is why you would shut your self out from every other Minecraft mod out there for these two, single player only, bits of code?
  23. Panels allow you to place objects that normally require a solid block. This includes all wiring, torches, redpower circuit blocks, and so on.
  24. That's weird, I've heard the exact opposite. It seemed he was working on an almost complete rewrite of the core mechanics of the mod. Covalence dust is supposed to play a central role, in that you need to break down materials into their core components, and then reconstitute those components into other materials. Pahimar is trying to give it a more alchemist and less magic feel. The philosophers stone is also being redone. You will likely have to sacrifice souls in order to coalesce a stone much like Full Metal Alchemist. The most promising aspect though, is that the source code for EE3 will b
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