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Most Retarded Thing You've Done?


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Looking for more simulator games and stumbled upon this:

The most advanced interactive sex simulator in the world features the most popular adult star in the world. My Plaything Jenna Jameson combines highly advanced technology with the unmatched beauty and fury of sex goddess Jenna Jameson. You are in complete control as she teases, strips and virtually clings to your every move.

I feel i hit jackpot. Im gonna stop play minecraft now, bye!

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Opening this thread.

Beat me to it.

Also finding out I couldn't fly while roofing a house.

(I stepped on a shingle while roofing and went barreling down, only to catch myself on a knot that was thankfully large enough.)

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Well, it seems as though most of these things would never happen, so I think I'm going to contribute something that actually has happened to me.

I recently got a car, it's a stick, and I forgot to turn off the parking brake.

Not as funny, but still pretty retarded.

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what's up with people doing crazy shit when they were 9? when I was 9 I spent all my time in my basement with an old PC and books on BASIC.

also, if the stupidest thing you've ever done is flip off a teacher, you're doing pretty good IMO.

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